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London Based Bookies Peg Nokia CEO as Next Microsoft Boss

The gambling world is a very funny industry. If we’re talking about taking bets about in all sorts of happening in the future, you get all sorts of weird combinations and unusual and unexpected probabilities being touted by people who should know better- gambling bookies. When it comes to putting a name on the upcoming vacant slot at the helm of the world’s largest software company, Microsoft Inc., London bookies with Ladbrokes has looked like they’ve gone hog wild. Just how wild? They pegged Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, as the top choice for the next CEO of Microsoft.

I can’t even begin to outline how ridiculous that pick would be. First of all, Nokia is not exactly the poster child for a robust technology company at this moment. It still has a sizeable mobile market , however, its market share is shrinking and shrinking very fast. One of the reasons for this is the Smartphones which were totally taking Nokia by surprise and as much as they try to catch up most notably by Lumia partnership with Microsoft, they just can’t hold the candle to the market share held by Google’s Android and even Apple’s IOS. They are an afterthought in that market . As to why anybody in their right mind would think the CEO of the company that’s struggling in that market would make a great choice to become the headhunt show of the company that is struggling in that market as well, it just boggles my mind. The truth is Stephen Elop might or might not be equipped to turn Nokia’s ship around but as a headhunt show of Microsoft, I’m not sure if he is the right bet.

As we mentioned earlier in these pages, Microsoft needs a visionary. It needs somebody that’s trying to catch up or trying to play second fiddle or reinvent the wheel. They need a visionary fast since Microsoft has already missed the boat three major technology shifts: mobile music devices, tablets and Smartphones. It just remains to be seen how many more boats they miss until the completely go belly up. Technologists can be quite unforgiving and relentless and Microsoft has to learn this the hard way when it has come up empty handed trying to break into markets that it just got outran and outclassed by its competitors. Just for curiosity’s sake, other names being floated by global betters as to who will replace Steve Ballmer at the top of Microsoft are Kevin Turner, Steve Sinofsky, Julie Larson-Green and Qi Lu. It’s definitely going to be interesting how this will all turn out because apparently according to the Ladbrokes, they like Steven Elop because he is very familiar with Windows phone. Big deal! Windows phone owns only a tiny fraction of the market. Regardless of how familiar this guy is with that technology it may not make much of a difference considering the fact that Google Android already owns more of seventy percent of the market and it looks like it will swallow the rest soon unless Apple and Microsoft get their axe together. Like I said, the gambling world might be quite funny sometimes.

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