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Google Glass Used to Live Stream Knee Repair Technology

Usually, we at are quite big sticklers in terms of the kind of stories we’re going to run in this highly respected online publication. The news of a surgeon using Google Glass to live stream surgery might seem like a big deal to other people but if based on our analysis, it’s really not big of a deal after all, the surgeon basically just used Google Glass cam technology to live stream a knee repair. Basically, by just looking at a sight of the surgery using Google Glass, the surgeon was able to capture the image and stream it somewhere else. Big deal! You can do that with a video cam, a pen based spy cam or anything. It’s kind of a bit of a non story. We’re still running the story because of what it represents. The real value for Google Glass, for our estimation is not that you can live stream whatever you’re doing just by wearing your glasses. You can already do that with many spy cam devices and you just need to tweak them a little bit.

The real revolution in our estimation is that it only takes one additional step for the material and information that is gathered using Google Glass to be passed through to the internet, processed, ran through several applications, crowd sourced, outsourced, ran through social media and collected back in the form of information that can be used in the location where the information was first gathered. That’s a quite bit of a mouthful right? That summarizes how promising wearable wireless technology like Google Glass is because it really makes the promise of augmented reality. It’s no longer a pipe dream of some geeks sitting around smoking weed on a bong thinking about the future. It can produce life or death consequences. It’s really very exciting. Don’t automatically roll your eyes with this news. It does open the doors to something possibly major in the very near future.