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Facebook’s Latest Partnership Might Mean Higher Quality Games on the Facebook Platform

One of the biggest drawbacks of most Facebook app games is that they tend to be clunky. One of the reasons Zynga, the maker of Farmville, is in such dire straits nowadays is because Farmville is a very static game. As we reported earlier, its basic business model is for players get so bored and so impatient that they actually pay real world money or in game items. As we have mentioned earlier this business model doesn’t look like it has legs to stand on and Zynga shareholders are finding this out the hard way. Be that as it may, Facebook is no slacker when it comes to trying to step up its game so that it can fill the needs of its vast audience.

What can only be described as a massive step forward? Facebook is partnering with a renowned game engine company, Unity. Unity’s game engines allows a more dynamic, fluid and exciting game environment which isn’t like Farmville because this isn’t a typical point, click and wait social gaming experience. The games that used the Unity platform are definitely faster moving and more exciting. The terms of the deal are pretty straightforward. Facebook is releasing a software development kit that is geared towards Unity’s platform and it will have tools that will allow game developers to incorporate many of Facebook’s tie ins into games that were developed for the Unity platform. This will mean that whether you enjoy Facebook on Android, IOS or through a website, you are sure to get a much different gaming experience on Facebook than what you’ve had before. You not only get the great first person shooter and fluid game mechanics that the Unity platform enables but you also get a lot of social hooks so you can interact with friends through Facebook and this allows you to be part of a large social ecosystem .

This looks like a triple win situation so to speak. The Unity wins because it gets a marketing window into a massive market since there are one billion Facebook members. On the other hand, Facebook wins because its game offerings have leveled up. We’re no longer looking at crappy looking static games but we’re looking at games that look like your typical console games such as first person shooters and very fluid and dynamic game play. Most importantly, the end user wins because they get more choice. If they want to waste their time playing Farmville they can that or they can blast away with aliens using this new game app developed through this partnership.

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