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Apple Buys Out Swedish Image Compression Company

Next time you look at your mobile phone and you watch videos and look at pictures, you’re probably used to the smooth rendering of the image or video but the truth is there’s a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes. Your processor is just working hard so it doesn’t look clunky and it wouldn’t look like it’s not working. Still, there’s a lot of heavy duty processing in the background. As you can well imagine, there’s just so much processing power you can put in a mobile phone without it overheating, taking too much energy or costing a ton of money. This is why compression technology is so important. Compression makes it easier on the electronic brains of your mobile phone to render graphical information and process video. This is a very vital part of the mobile phone experience and it’s not surprising that Apple bought out a Swedish firm, AlgoTrim. This firm specializes in computer algorithms involving video software, image compression, and video processing.

Apple, as you already are aware, is in a tight struggle with Samsung for mobile phones supremacy. Unfortunately, if we are just going to look at Apple’s OS share at the market, it is losing out big time. The acquisition of AlgoTrim is a great strategic move on Apple’s part. It can use its algorithm to speed up its video processing. Interesting enough, AlgoTrim Is already in use by Apple’ rival, Google. Google is using it for its gallery app for the Ice Cream Sandwich Android version. Also, the algorithm is providing a compression assistance to Android phone firmware updates. Is this an anti competitive move? It does make a lot of sense if Google hasn’t had much sense to buy out AlgoTrim, then perhaps buying AlgoTrim’s technology so it can benefit from its technology on an exclusive basis might be a brilliant move on Apple’s part. It definitely cuts off Google from one particular technology source. Since there are many algorithm and compression technologies out there, this move doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t have any alternative sources for compression and technology boosters. From monopoly or anti competition perspective, I don’t think that there are any such issues here because of a large technology market for this type of compression technology. Still, it’s a great move on Apples’ part so it can continually boost its offerings especially if its trying to maintain it’s market share.

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