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Will Empower Network push the FTC to shed a spotlight on cash gifting?

How gray is the Empower network? The empower network explained!

How gray is the Empower network? The empower network explained!

Empower Network, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock is huge. How can it not be? People are making $30,000, $50,000 even hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few months time. For anybody looking to make money with little time or effort, Empower Network seem to be the go to program. If you’ve been thinking of making money online for a long time, Empower Network, at least from initial appearances, seem to be the answer to all your prayers. Of course, not everything that glitters is gold. And oftentimes when it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Empower Network is able to generate millions of dollars for people to develop a down line or in the multi level marketing terms people at the top of the pyramid to generate millions of dollars because of cash gifting.

Cash gifting explained

Cash gifting is when you join a program and the program gifts the payment you made to the person that referred you. Instead of a commission the program will automatically give all the money to the person that referred you. There is a certain structure to cash gifting. It flows upwards and it is undisputable that there is a pyramid like shape because of few people would refer a lot of other people so when you map the referral relationships. It tends to look triangular. Be that as it may cash gifting is all about making money flow from a base of recent subscribers to a program to a higher levels of referrers and a lot of people are frowning upon this system because in their minds it’s automatically ponzi scheme and an illegal pyramid scheme. This is in dispute because the big difference between legitimate cash gifting program and a ponzi scheme is that there is no underline product and that is the gray area Empower Network is in. If you are completely honest about it, they do offer products, services and training.

Online ponzi schemes, pyramids and the FTC

The FTC is not blind nor is it dumb. It’s been known to crack down online pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes and the like. It is quite active. It does tend to act slow from time to time but when it acts, it really brings the hammer down. That’s why it’s not only respected, it is also feared. With that said, the FTC might have a lot more homework to do with the Empower Network because as mentioned above, it’s not like Empower Network is just pushing air. It’s not like classic pyramid scheme where person will refer two people who will pay money to join the system and the payment will go to the person who referred them. And then they will get the right to sell membership and the system by referring other people. Theoretically speaking, lower levels of the multi level pyramid would set more money and upper levels would split the huge amount of money set by the lower levels. While cash gifting does operate in a somewhat similar structure, that’s where the similarity tend to end with Empower Network because the baseline of the Empower Network is not selling the membership but selling training. There is actual training products and selling a platform. A good argument could be made if people are going to crack down on Empower Network then they should crack down on hosting companies that pay a monthly referral fee.

The promise and peril of Empower Network

Just like anything else in life there is always a good and bad site to anything. The bad side of Empower Network is quite obvious because its haters and critics continuously harp on the bad points. The bad point is that people selling the platform instead of using it to promote other things. Empower Network is a paid blogging platform. You pay money every month so you can get hosting and you can get blog software. To the critics, they should not be doing this because the blog platform that they’re selling is wordpress. WordPress is free. However the good side to Empower Network is it is a unified network where you can learn internet marketing. It does offer IM products that if you really put in the effort and the time and the energy you can succeed. The proof is in the putting. If it was completely selling air, and just stuff that is designed to fail then it would’ve been sued several months ago. Moreover it would not have gotten this big. There is a lot of gray area of Empower Network but it is an interesting opportunity for the FTC and regulatory bodies and the agencies the world over to look at the concept of cash gifting and determine under what context is it allowed and under what content does it become fraudulent.

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