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SOGE Interactive: Bringing affordable mobile app reach to small business?

SOGE Interactive is a mobile development company bringing affordable mobile apps to small businesses.

SOGE Interactive is a mobile development company bringing affordable mobile apps to small businesses.

When the Apple iPhone was launched in 2007, it set a motion, a massive change in technology. It used to be that the only way you could access the internet was through a computer, a wireless laptop or these clunky WAP-enabled mobile phones. WAP technology was very clunky and burdensome. It’s no surprise that it never really took off. With the debut of the Apple iPhone, the whole industry shifted over and it caused a massive tidal wave in terms of service provision. What do I mean? Not only did wireless phone companies increase their bandwidth, but a large army of mobile app developers sprang up overnight to provide content and engagement for the Apple iPhone, in a few short years, the Google Android appeared and the market got even bigger. Mobile is a game changer; it is revolutionizing how business is done not just on the internet, but in the offline world as well. This is why it’s not a surprise that brick and mortar businesses are clamoring for a piece of that mobile market. Imagine being able to reach your target audience whenever you want, wherever they are; that is the power of mobile marketing.

The promise of mobile apps

In addition to being able to reach your customers wherever they are and whenever you want, you can also use mobile apps to promote your business, book appointments, or book sales for your business and foster loyalty through online coupons and similar promotions. This is the promise of mobile apps, it’s like being able to talk one-on-one with your customer regardless of where they are in the world. This is an opportunity to all sorts of businesses whether you own a plumbing business, you’re an attorney with a law office or you’re a doctor. Regardless of what service or product you sell, there is a way for you to gain more business through mobile apps.

Soge Interactive’s approach to small business apps

There are many approaches to small business apps and unfortunately, many of these approaches are quite prohibitive and nonstarters for many small and medium-sized businesses. Getting a mobile app developed costs quite a bit of money. There are some mobile app developers that charge an arm and a leg for custom app. Mobile apps at this stage in the game are not cheap. With that said, there is one company that is turning a lot of head in terms of its approach to small business apps. The startup Soge interactive is getting quite a bit of attention for its self-serve and template-based method for serving the small and medium-sized businesses market segment. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars just to have a mobile app that would drive customers to your door, you can spend relatively modest amount of money with Soge Interactive’s app developing system and get a professional looking app with all sorts of nice graphical elements with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a mobile app. Soge Interactive is able to do this because they use a template-based system. They don’t need to reinvent the wheel each and every time they create an app. Because of this, they developed an economy of scale and they are able to service a wider market.

Local yet scalable business model

Soge Interactive’s focus on building an economy of scale benefits small to medium-sized businesses because they can start with a fairly basic app and scale it up based on their experience with the app. The more ROI, the better the ROI, the higher they can scale their app. This is a refreshing approach to the SMB market that Soge Interactive has. Keep your eye on this startup, it’s looking very promising.

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