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SAP steps its game up with Social Contact Intelligence

SAP, cloud computing, social signals, where does all this end?

SAP, cloud computing and social signals, where does all this end?

As we mentioned earlier SAP and other legacy software firms have a target on their back and the clock is ticking. The stakes are high and if they screw things up they might become obsolete. It’s no wonder that SAP is stepping up its game when it comes to meshing the capabilities of the internet with its enterprise software capabilities. One of the biggest examples of this is Social Contact Intelligence.

Mashing up social networking with CRM

SAP has a very robust CRM capability and it doesn’t really take much thinking for it to tap its CRM specialty and hitch it to a social networking technology. Social Contact Intelligence uses social signals sent by people that are listed in SAP clients CRM files. SAP is a Social Contact Intelligence that looks at the social signals this context give and it allows sales people, marketing people and decision maker to come up with informed decision regarding a particular product or a particular value preposition when it comes to certain customers.

The road to better customer intelligence

SAP is no slouch when it comes to finding golden opportunities. Customer intelligence especially business to business, it is such a golden opportunity. We’re talking several hundred million dollars if not billions, if you can come up with a system that would automate and streamline parts of the sales and marketing processes then you’ve hit a potential homerun.

Social signals: it’s not just for SEO

The SAP’s Social Contact Intelligence is proof positive that a social signal is not just for SEO. For the longest time Google has been harping on this phrase of social signals. Well that is great for boosting search engine rankings and branding online but SAP seems to figure it out another dimension to social signals. If SAP continues down this road, we wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up dominating the cloud computing space.