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Is blogging dead for the MMO market?

The peak where blogging and making money online went hand in hand has already passed. But it's far from dead and will keep evolving for years to come.

The peak where blogging and making money online went hand in hand has already passed. But it’s far from dead and will keep evolving for years to come.

It used to be that the MMO (‘make money online’) market was all about blogs. The people that made millions teaching others to make millions off the internet, operated primarily through blogs. People like John Chow, Shoemoney and ProBlogger, made their MMO riches through the blog platform. That was five years ago and times have changed. It appears that most of the MMO heavyweights are no longer blogging as much as they were or that their blogs have experienced a bit of a downturn.

MMO blogs: the way it was

Back in the JohnChow.Com heyday, John would only need to blog about the stuff he had for dinner and his traffic stats would explode. These are no longer getting as much traffic as before but guess what, he doesn’t really need that much traffic because he’s got such a huge mailing list. The guy’s probably set for life. Regardless, MMO blogs back in the day were huge. If you want to be taken seriously in the MMO space, you better have a blog and the more followers you have, the better.

MMO gurus now

The picture MMO gurus and MMO masterminds now is vastly different. In fact, the biggest players don’t even have blogs. Instead, they have Twitter feed or Facebook fan page and they communicate with their massive fan through those platforms. It does beg the question, is blog even needed? Indeed, is blogging dead for the MMO market? This is a key question to ask because a blog is a very versatile online platform. Not only can you communicate with your fan based and your followers, you can also solicit their information and get them to participate in polls or buy stuff through your blog or fill out email collection forms. A blog is just so versatile when it comes to interacting with your members.

The limits of blogging and the power of influence

Well it looks like that the MMO guru and mastermind market isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. People are still making millions of dollars teaching others how to make millions of dollars online, whether you think this is a scam or not, in material, the money is being made. Besides, the people who call it a scam are those people who don’t even try. They would buy these MMO products but they don’t even put in the time and effort needed to be successful. They would just get a refund and turn around and say that the MMO industry as a whole is a scam. Be that as it may, the advent of the blog guru is testimony to the fact that blogging platform may have outlived its usefulness at least when it comes to MMO market. MMO gurus derive their power not from their blogs but from what their blogs represent. Their blogs represent or used to represent their influence so when a top guru uses Facebook fan page or Twitter feed instead of a blog, he or she is just purifying the essence of being an MMO guru, which is you’re selling influence.  You are making money from your credibility, authority and legibility.

The interesting news is that this is not tied to specific communication platform like a blog. That is a takeaway for this particular evolution in the MMO market. This is quite significant because there are other market segments that traffic, influence and cloud credibility. This move towards pure social network presence might be a trend for these other market segments.

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