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GoDaddy Gets Into Local Merchant Marketing Business with LOCU Acquisition

The acquisition of Locu means GoDaddy can strengthen their relationship with new and present customers by offering new powerful tools for local marketing.

The acquisition of Locu means GoDaddy can strengthen their relationship with new and present customers by offering new powerful tools for local marketing.

One of the biggest challenges of a local business in the age of mobile devices is how to get found by increasingly mobile and savvy clientele. Whether you want a pizza shop, pest control company, or a dog supply company or an all-service merchandise offerings in between, people are already looking for you. The problem is identifying those people and getting your business information in front of their eyeballs. This is the classic problem that advertising tries to solve. As you can well imagine the different technology levels have different ways of solving this problem. For the longest time, people got along fine just using yellow pages but we all know the disadvantages of yellow pages. First of all, the people looking for your product or service have to have yellow pages available and second they have to know where to look.

With the rise of the internet and search engines it got a little bit easier. People would type in “Dog training Los Angeles” and they would see a Google map listing of nearby businesses that cater to that particular type of service or product. With the rise of mobile marketing, things really got stepped up a notch but not so much because people will find you through their mobile apps. This is a marketing avenue that many startups and established companies are pursuing but it’s more of the ubiquity of the mobile app in connecting the user to the internet. We no longer have to rush home or go to work,sit in front of a computer and do a search to find you. They can just be walking down the street and if you like eating authentic deep dish Chicago style pizza and they would enter the search query, lo and behold there would be a deep dish pizza joint two blocks over. That is the dream.

The MIT-based graduate founded LOCU with a simple mission-to help local businesses get found and discovered faster by helping them update their online presence in a very seamless and easy way. The way it currently stands is the way the local companies market themselves online cowardly by going from one website to another and entering some information but failing to update it. They may update some websites but they don’t update other websites. LOCU makes updating your business information very easy. You basically just use their service and you only need to write your information then it would automatically update your information wherever you have promoted yourself online. For example, you have a review on Yelp and you also have information on TripAdvisor or Foursquare linked in a Facebook page, LOCU will make sure you only need to update it on their service and they will update all your other presences for you. It operates on write once published many times type of model.

It appears that GoDaddy likes this very streamlined and fairly mythy service so it has bought up LOCU. The final price tag accrues seventeen million dollars. While we do know the price tag for the acquisition, we don’t know the exact details whether its in stocks,if it was paid up front or if the LOCU founders will get absorbed by GoDaddy. Regardless, this is a great acquisition because it actually bolsters GoDaddy’s marketing strength towards its natural customers’ small business by giving them another tool that they can use to increase their visibility to their potential mobile customers

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