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The elder scrolls online plans to keep its audience engaged content wise

Will Elder Scrolls Online change the nature of MMO's?

Will Elder Scrolls Online change the nature of MMO’s?

If you’re just getting over the disappointment of learning that one of the most anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing games in recent memory, the elder scrolls online has had its launch postponed for next year. Here’s a bit of good news for you. As you can well imagine, one of the biggest questions in any die hard elder scrolls fan has in mind regarding this project is how fast will the DLCs be released. This is a serious question. Downloadable content is the life blood of MMORPGs I just wish World of Warcraft would have gotten this memo. As you probably already know, World of Warcraft has fallen off a bit since its heyday as the undisputed 800 pound gorilla in the MMORPG market.

This is why DLC is a big issue with the elder scrolls online. This concern is also quite understandable because the elder scrolls series has been quite erratic in terms of releasing updates and DLCs. It has gone a little bit better with sky rim but before it was purely a feast or famine type of situation. Well the good news is that the team behind the elder scrolls online has committed to fairly fast and rapid DLC delivery schedule. According to creative director Paul Sage the elder scrolls online will feature frequent content updates. This means DLCs galore. This makes a lot of sense because the elder scrolls online has its work cut up for it.

Sure, you may argue that World of Warcraft is very cartoonish and it has an overall ambiance and feel that it looks like its tailored more to kids. Regardless, it’s still the preeminent game in its niche and if the elder scrolls online has a ghost of a chance in capturing some of World of Warcraft’s adult or hardcore gamer market, it definitely needs to hit it from the content angle. And I am not just talking about the more realistic graphics of the elder scrolls online or the more forgiving game play setup, it has to be deeper than that. Because you have to remember if you laid out all the quests in World of Warcraft, we are talking of volumes and volumes of massive rich content. And guess what? It’s not enough to keep its user base. So if World of Warcraft is struggling on that front, can you imagine the challenges waiting the elder scrolls online when it comes to variety and content engagement?

This is a definitely great move on the Paul Sage and the team’s part regardless they definitely need to hit the ground running. Sage also mentioned that there is already a story hook built into main storyline that the elder scrolls online will shift with. This will be a staging area for the upcoming DLCs. That’s a good move and that’s really to be expected from a top notch company like Bethesda. He did mention a little bit of a downer near the end of the announcement when he said he cannot promise that these DLCs will be released on all platforms at the same time. That’s quite a bit of a bummer because a huge portion of the fan base for the elder scrolls online will be on the PC. So let’s hope that the PC is right behind the place station and the xbox releases. Altogether not a bad piece of use for die hard MMORPG fans.