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Will SETT revive blogging online?

It’s new and exciting and according to users pretty good.

The funny thing about blogging is that it’s very old and predictable. In fact, one can almost imagine a blogging site shipping with the first version of the internet. That is how far back blogs and their different incarnations date back. While most implementation of a blog often revolves around wordpress, the truth is the blogging platform is almost as old as the internet. Something this old must have reached a point where it’s perfect right? Or else it would have been reinvented a long time ago, right? Well not exactly. For the longest time, internet blogging has reached the point of innovation impasse.

This means that there are enough belts and whistles embedded in wordpress that it has taken a lot of the steam out of initiative to truly reinvent the blogging platform. Be that as it may, blog still do suffer several drawbacks that keep them back from fully engaging imaginations of both publishers and their blogs visitors. What are these drawbacks? For one, the lack of community tools. WordPress is so open ended and so adaptable that you can use all sorts of plugins to inject high level of community in your blog. You can even use forums plugins to put a forum in your blog. How cool is that? Well apparently not cool enough for the rank and file blogger. You have to understand not everybody is not too hot on plugins not everybody has the technical know-how nor the patience to keep tweaking plugin codes. There are also possible setting issues either now or down the road. In terms of blogging platforms that are open to everybody and easy to use right out the box, the biggest innovation to blogging recent memory is

Tumblr reintroduced the concept of the microblogging. One could argue that twitter is the original granddaddy of microblogging. Be that as it may, tumblr definitely made an impact so much so that it just bought up for million dollars by yahoo. How awesome is that? Still, people are beginning to get tired of even tumblr. The reason is while it is easy to reblog content and draws connections from one blog to another, it still has some serious blind allies when it comes to community building.

There is still a need for a blogging platform that is very community driven and community friendly right out of the box. In steps, SETT is an up and coming blogging platform that is the creation of a blogger mysteriously made Tynan and his development partner Todd Iceton. Iceton used to work for nutshell media before he got bought up by the massive email marketing company constant contact. Tynan provided the specifications for SETT because he has been blogging for many years, 6 years in fact, and he experiences a lot of drawbacks and he just wanted to put together a platform that would address all those issues. The biggest issue for Tynan was building up a community and this means collecting emails and building email based relationship with your traffic. This is a good move because any newbie blogger will quickly realize most of the people that visit your website will never be back. They’re one shot wonders. If you put up an email list and email collection form you have a shot at turning what otherwise be a temporary traffic it was semi permanent pull of community members and ultimately, buyers.

Another drawback that Tynan saw was that the fact that comment section was quite limited and that this is the only way a blogs visitor can interact with the content. This is too restricted. As a result, SETT has put up a separate forum section where blog visitors can form a community around content. This is really brilliant move because the sooner you can build community around your website the better the faster your website can achieve profitability and also living it up to its full marketing potential. The best marketers believe it or not are not yourself or outsource workers but your blogs and visitors. SETT has all these covered, it is a boot strap startup meaning it is self funded. It is trying to generate a profit by charging a fee for its services. It’s not cheap. It cause anywhere from 12$ to 999$ per month depending on your hosting requirements or other feature requirements. SETT has a lot of going for it when it comes to community building. This is definitely one startup to keep an eye on.