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Recent Gmail changes spooks email marketers

Discussions regarding the new gmail tabs are already taking place on the internet.

Discussions regarding the new gmail tabs are already taking place on the internet.

If you’ve logged in to your gmail account recently, you will now notice that there are these 3 weird tabs at the top of your email inbox. There is your general inbox and then there’s promotions tab and also a social tab. Gmail in keeping with Google’s relentless innovation has come up with these tab filtering system. This is not your spam filtering system where spammer’s email ends up. These tabs filter legitimate sent to you. For example, if you join facebook,it will send you a confirmation email as well as notifications when people tag you or send you a message on facebook. Usually, these would compete for real estate space on your main inbox, not anymore. Gmail would segregate this email to your social tab. If you sign up for mailing list to receive email based tutorial or some email based announcements and adds, this will go straight to your promotions tab, so it’s the big deal. Gmail’s intention is obvious. They want to make the life of the email reader much more convenient and what would be more convenient with just clicking on the tab and seeing related emails in that particular category. So if you feel like checking up on your facebook account but don’t want to really log in to facebook, you only need to click on the social tab to see the facebook updates that you’re getting. This is also true for or any other social networks that you joined. In terms of Gmail’s perspective, the user should be stoked this in place. For the most part, it seems rather well intention and quite effective. It cuts away a lot of clutter and also helps you keep an inbox that focuses only on the important communications like job offers and email from your loved ones so and so forth. The problem is email marketers aren’t all too thrilled about this.

Filtering good email?

The main beef many marketers have with this tab system is that it filters otherwise legitimate emails. Remember, you signed up for this email you opted in. according to their logic, if you opted in then they can blast your email inbox, good thing that is not true. Unfortunately, many email marketers develop a sense of entitlement to think that just because you opted in that they can blast you every few hours with email that you don’t really want. There’s another word for that. It’s called spam. Let’s face it. For the longest time, email marketers have been quite abusive with the permission that you’ve given them, that many consumers have given them that their behaviors really raise it to the level of spam.

The threat of solo ads

Solo ads are advertisements that are placed on email list. It is the only material that only appears. There is no context, there is no tutorial. There is no content from the email list provider, it is just the ad and it is business. Many people looking to build up list or sell products by solo ads from people with huge mailing list. It has gotten so big that many list builders main income comes from selling solo ads instead of making money from the emails that they send out. As you can well imagine given such a huge market there is always a space for abuse and abused it. Not only you getting people getting blasted with several emails per day you also get dubious ads showing up for all sorts of MLM and ponzi schemes. It has gotten really bad. The quality of email is really quite low because of the sole ad industry. In fact, many email marketers are worried that this pattern of marketing behavior might desensitize otherwise responsive a list members.

Gmail saves the day

Regardless of how much handwringing crying and bellyaching many email marketers engaged in web master forums and affiliate marketing forums. The truth is if you think about it hard enough, gmail might have saved their butts. Why? The current abuse of opted email system is not sustainable. There are so many people trying to send out solo ads and its improaching the same group of people interested in that particular niche. As a result, these marketers are educating these people not to open emails. That is right, not just to avoid spammy emails or low quality emails but to avoid emails as a whole. That would be bad news. Since Gmail introduced this, there is a flight to quality. There are list owners that send high quality content to their list members. Guess what, these list members will look through those tabs to pick out content from the list owners they trust. It’s really that simple. So the people that are producing quality that really add value to the lives of their list members, they’ll be fine. There might be some few months of adjustment period and what not but at the end of the round, they will be okay. The spammers, the fly by night operators, the scumbags who clog the internet with garbage emails, they’re going away and not a minute too soon Gmail’s move is a stroke of genius. What can only hope that all email public providers use the similar system. Moreover, they should put in place operations and processes that would filter systems that try to circumvent these filtering. One way to do this that has been talked about by a lot of webmaster forums is to use your own SMTP service and self hosted email service. Hopefully email company, Gmail and other providers would nip this at the bud. The tab idea is brilliant. Let’s hope there is more of it.