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Is Grand Theft Auto 5 Overrated?


No question about it, GTA-V have been hyped to the skies and it’s still not out yet. Are we getting ahead of ourselves?

Nothing makes a typical gaming fanboy’s eyes glaze over than the magic words ‘Grand Theft Auto.’ This phrase is a talisman for many gaming fans-at least as far as the gaming blogosphere is concerned. You only need to put Grand Theft Auto on your blog title and some clown somewhere on the other side of the web will either syndicate your post, scrape it, or feel motivated enough to write a commentary on it. Like it or not, Grand Theft Auto is one hell of a brand and it has serious clout on the Internet. No joke. Indeed, you only need to go to Youtube to see all the detailed frame by frame analysis of the two trailers released for GTA 5 to see an almost monastic attention to detail. I haven’t seen this much attention paid to banal features of a product of mass culture than when I was at college and our professor had us write mid-term papers on the sociological meaning of Madonna’s music. Seriously. Are we getting ahead of ourselves here? For all the hype, has it ever crossed people’s mind that maybe GTA 5 is overrated?

I know you are probably quickly getting out your pitchforks and torches but hear me out. Besides a kickass story line and updating the game’s engine based on the newest image animation and rendering engine, does GTA 5 really bring anything new to the table? I am not talking about new vehicles, weapons, or another claptrap. I am talking about something real. I am talking about technology or innovations in gameplay. Don’t get me wrong, changing the game’s POV from overhead to third person was a stroke of genius. But, dude, that’s several years ago. Can GTA 5 bring anything new to the table besides the usual game fare of sex, violence, and stuff getting blown up? Just how many times can you skin this cat without people getting tired of it? I know it’s not as blatant as the Call of Duty annual jerk offathon and reskinning but it might be getting close. Maybe one more product cycle with no earth shattering improvements might just lead the GTA brand to lose some of its luster. What do you think? There’s a comments section. Use it.

  • Thomas McBrearty

    Of course it won’t, it never did either in any of its previous Games, i.e. GTA3, San Andreas and GTA4; Gamers these days believe that the most main-streamed game is world class (For why I have no idea O_o).

    From a graphical point of view the game has yet to beat open world games such as Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed .

    From a technical point of view it archive’s….well nothing, each game repeats itself within the same old pattern and does literally nothing (apart from when Rockstar believed they were ‘Cool’ by making cars physics worse than boats)

    The game does nothing and as I said before it’s just another mainstream game that most gamers seem to think it has something over other games. The Typical excuse I keep hearing again and again…(By which point I’ve usually fallen asleep) is the contentious “It’s bigger than, this, that and the other combine; My reaction is “….And bigger immediately deems it better how exactly” O_o?

    Gamers have gotten into this fit state where they are actually that obnoxious into believing that a big game is all of a sudden the best gamer ever…”Yer OK lol, keep dreaming” I’ll listen to my own word-of-mouth instead of sticking my face into the next guys ass in line and jump on the followers band wagon, they forget people don’t NEED or WANT to like GTAV, Ta-Ta folks..

  • Glenn Bürer

    gta need some rpg elements that should be nice like character creation and stuff

  • Sapientia

    Grand Theft Auto V overrated? Noooooo, neveerrr/sarcasm. Yes.
    I would rather have a continuation of Sleeping Dogs then this.

    • Vic 2.0

      Hell yeah! Sleeping Dogs was phenomenal, mostly because they put so much thought and effort into ideas for the gameplay itself… not just the graphics and presentation. Can’t wait for Triad Wars ;)