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Are Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X’s Support Of Windows 8 Acts of Desperation?

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Microsoft wants a bigger cut of the smartphone market.

How the mighty have fallen. You can’t but mutter this phrase when reading news that Nokia and HTC are supporting Microsoft’s latest efforts to stay relevant in the smartphone market Windows Phone 8 was recently released and still, like its predecessor, shows no buzz or sign of breaking Apple and Google’s stranglehold on the mobile and smartphone market One thing is sure about Microsoft, though-you can write it off at your peril. The Redmond, Washington software giant is still quite a juggernaut in many corporate software verticals and, last time I checked, it still owns the lion’s share of the global OS market-slick Apple ads notwithstanding.

Still, there does seem to be an air of desperation in the fact that Nokia and HTC are supporting Windows 8 considering the recent fortunes of these companies and Microsoft. Nokia, as everyone knows-unless you have been hiding under a rock, has suffered quite a steep fall from the days where it basically milked the global mobile phone market for billions of dollars every quarter. Nokia used to be synonymous with huge mobile profits. Nowadays? Not so much. It still owns a huge chunk of the mobile phone market but that is not the future of the market-smartphones is. And Google and iPhone have that part of the market sewn up. Nokia has been supporting Microsoft in the smartphone market for quite some time and while the numbers, standing alone, seem impressive, if you stack them up to Apple and Google Android’s numbers, they look minuscule. Nokia seems like its stuck in the quicksand of a technology shift with its Microsoft partnership, the more it struggles and exerts itself, the faster it sinks. HTC’s fortunes aren’t any better. While the company earned some great reviews and a nice following early inits implementation of the Android OS, it quickly found out that Samsung established itself as THE Android brand and the market isn’t very patient with ‘me too’ runner up companies. As a result, the HTC brand has been languishing.

Which brings us to Microsoft. After sleeping through the ipod and ipad revolutions, Microsoft’s been playing catch up with Apple and Google and its smartphone OS seems flatfooted and awkward-nifty tile look notwithstanding. How awkward? Well, it doesn’t handle hot services like Pinterest, Instagram, and Spotify. Considering the many bad moves these three players have made in the highly competitive smartphone space in the past few years, is this a case of also-ran hardware companies supporting a second string smartphone OS?

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  • Marvin Bayani

    well actually, most people are now DESPERATE to get their hands with the Lumia 920. So, ur argument is invalid.