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Is Microsoft A Dead Corporation Walking?

Graphics of the Microsoft Logo

After 2 decades of dominance Microsoft’s future in the corporate world looks pale.

The problem with calling the demise of a person, institution, or phenomenon is the possibility you’d look like a major fool or douchebag for doing so. Indeed, as Mark Twain once said ‘The report of my death was an exaggeration.’ You don’t want to be the guy making such reports. Talk about getting egg on your face. With that said, many technology industry observers have developed a sort of morbid fascination with Microsoft’s continuing viability as the default owner of the operating space and major chunks of commercial software. It is not hard to see why they are having their doubts about the giant from Redmond Washington. After all, Microsoft’s whole software revenues are matched by just one product line from Apple. That’s how far Microsoft has fallen. Looking at the shape Microsoft is in now, stock pricewise as well as in terms of growth, you could mistake Microsoft for the Japanese economy in the 1980s-something greatly feared and now in danger of becoming somewhat irrelevant. Mobile is the fastest growing segment of the tech industry space and Google and Apple have that pretty much sewn up. Apple is king in the mobile music device department. Smartphones? Don’t even ask.

Maybe a lof the Microsoft haters have their knives out because they just got sick of Microsoft’s heavy handed corporate shenanigans in the past. Remember how Microsoft took out Netscape? Maybe some of Microsoft’s haters now see its current plight as some sort of cosmic corporate karma. Indeed, even before all the launch hoopla about Windows 8 has managed to die down, analysts are already publicizing their doubts about the OS’ ability to right Microsoft’s floundering direction in the mobile space. Many reviewers poo-poo’ed the new OS’ interface. Maybe it is just shock of the new since it marks such a big departure for Microsoft. Regardless, it will probably take a few months for the dust to settle. In the meantime, word about Microsoft’s Blue update project might be a ray of hope for the new OS.

Still, after dominating technology for over two decades, it might seem a bit premature to write Microsoft off. Considering its huge network effect in the operating and productivity suite spaces, we might yet see this giant bounce back just like those androids in Terminator 3.