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Twitter gives away $1M of free Ad Credits to New Advertisers

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$100 free credits to U.S. based advertisers to test Promoted Accounts or Promoted Tweets.

We’ve devoted quite a bit of digital ink on these pages on Twitter’s efforts to beef up its revenue base. So far, it’s been a hit or miss affair. With its Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts programs, it looks like everyone’s favorite micro-blogging platform might be hitting its stride. These ad programs just might have the traction Twitter needs to start generating revenues which can somewhat match the amount of hype and buzz the company enjoys. Still, the company faces quite a bit of a challenge. It has already identified advertising methods now comes the hard part-getting advertisers. It’s one thing to think of clever ways to get eyeballs on your service or website, it’s another thing entirely to get advertisers to pay for ads.

It looks like Twitter’s business development and ad sales department are not slouching. The micro-blogging service has announced that it will give away $100 of free credits to US-based advertisers to try out Twitter’s Promoted Accounts or Promoted Tweets. This not much different from Google’s free credits recruitment program for Adwords. The promotions works uses a very simple strategy-the company will absorb the cost of advertisers figuring out whether the ad platform works for them. This free taste test might work or it might just blow up in Twitter’s face because of the very real possibility that $100 of free ad placements might be too small to get a clear idea about an ad source’s ROI potential. Just how many leads can be generated with $100? How many sales? What variables impact the amount of success advertisers experience? Tweet message quality? How much tweaking would an advertiser need to do to get a successful campaign going? Also, what metrics of success need to be in play. As you can tell from all the questions above, simply handing out free credits to advertisers might or might not be enough of an incentive for advertisers to get on board. Specially for a relatively young ad platform.