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Recently launched Firefox 17 offers greater social integration

Newly Launched Firefox 17 comes with better social integration

Yes, Firefox is still around and it is still kicking butt and taking names. It is definitely encouraging for old school Firefox fans to know that their beloved browser has a new version out, Firefox 17. Why am I writing as if Firefox is on the way out? Well, if you have been paying attention to the browser wars lately, you’d know that Google’s Chrome browser has been making serious inroads into Firefox and Internet Explorer’s turf. Chrome enjoys a relatively fresh brand free of the bloat that somewhat eroded Firefox’ brand and the security issues that made many Internet users cringe at the mere mention of the words ‘Internet Explorer’. Be that as it may, Firefox 17 is here and it packs quite a bit of integration with social networking sites and resources.

The latest browser version’s social API lets Firefox users chat and find news from social sources. This is made possible by persistent social sidebars added to the browser. This is a great move because it allows social sites to remain connected to the user as the user goes from site to site. This feature provides an integrated web surfing experience where the user enjoys content from different sites and shares them on social networks. The reverse is also true, social interaction reveals certain sites which the user can easily load up and access. The real winner in all this integration are the users of the social networks who get to enjoy a wider variety of content offerings.

The most exciting integration for Firefox 17 is the chat integration for Facebook. Regardless of which site you’re on, talking to and interacting with your friends is very easy-you just look at the chat window right on your browser. No need to go to facebook to chat. This feature in of itself makes Firefox 17 worth the download.