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Educators Makes Use of Social Media

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People’s use of social sites evolve from being social to where more and more use it for educational purposes like twitter and facebook. Image Courtesy Twitter

Social media is now a huge part of the learning process. Students have the amazing ability to use social media sites to view recorded or live lectures, contact teachers or even attend virtual classes when they cannot physically be present. Social media platforms and sites not only benefit students, but can be fantastic tools for educators. Edmondo, a social learning platform is a perfect way for teachers to interact with students from afar. By providing the ability to upload video lectures, teachers can educate regardless of the physical location.

Many other popular social media sites have recently been incorporated into the learning module. Twitter, Facebook and Wikis are all being used for the development of curriculum. Since social media is here to stay, teachers and high level educators have found a way to make good use of these tools and turn them into academic experiences.

The main benefit of using social media sites as a form of education is that students do not have to physically attend a class or a lecture to receive important information. The info can be posted to discussion boards or on blogs, allowing students to access the information at their convenience. This can also be done for recorded lectures, providing the opportunity for students to access the lecture from home. Not only does this provide benefits for students, but it frees up classroom time so that it can be used on laboratory experiments or hands-on activities.

Social media is still a new concept to many people and teachers are being trained on how to make good use of these commonly visited sites to turn them from being a social experience to one that is purely educational.