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Facebook and Apple Selloff Leaders

Facebook continues to fall but Apple with it’s recent iPhone 5 release gets a new boost.

This week, Facebook and Apple Inc. were the leaders in a selloff that occurred on Monday, September 24. Facebook, one of the most popular social media sites online, fell to 9.1%, closing at $20.79. The stock in this company is currently worth only $15 per share. It is believed that many investors are overestimating the potential of the company and are now starting to feel the losses.

At the same time, apple traded 1.3%, closing at $690.79. This number is a nice increase that is due to the recent release of the new iPhone 5 model that just went on sale. Investors remain confident that Apple, despite the many corporate changes over the past few years, will remain a leader in the sector and they continue to invest in this innovative company.

Even though Facebook fell in value, people are not giving up on the company. Everyone realises that social media is here to stay and investors are confident that Facebook will be the leader in that sector over the next few years. As far as Apple, this company has always been an attractive option for investors. After the company’s performance this week, it is evident that the loss of Steve Jobs was not detrimental to the financial success of the company.

With Facebook and Apple remaining the popular companies, investors still take their chances, watching the daily share values. For Apple investors, the recent increase generates some great gains, which is hopefully the case in the coming days and weeks for Facebook investors as well. While some still believe that Facebook shares are still too pricey based on recent returns, many are hopeful that there will soon be another increase.