Top Menu Rolls Out One-Cloud Version for the Android is all about the cloud – Image Courtesy

One of the most annoying problems with cloud-based mobile computing and mobile file interactions is that if you create or modify one document on your phone, it can be quite a hassle to access it on a desktop. It will also be a chore to make that file accessible to other people using a desktop or a tablet.

The Los Altos, California-based enterprise cloud-storage company, Box, has fixed this problem with its One-Cloud solution. One-Cloud enables third party providers a software framework for synchronizing with Box accounts inside that app. So, what happens is, if you edit a file in an app that is supported by One-Cloud, another user, or you yourself can access your document through Box. Box was rolled out last March for the iOS and it hasn’t rested since. It quickly recruited 15 additional mobile apps that support its framework. Now, Android users can get in on the fun. This is a major problem that Box fixes and a problem that Android users also share. That’s why it’s quite exciting to see this service roll out on the Android platform.

According to Box’s own projections, more than 50% of Box users are on Android. Also, this move can expand Box’s already extensive user base. The Android roll out comes out in grand style because the One-Cloud solution will come out with an initial 50 Android app partners. That’s a nice way to launch in a new platform. If you want your service to be a success, you need to recruit as many partners to support it as possible and looks like Box is definitely on the ball because it has managed to recruit some key app partners on Android including Dolphin browser, Fetchnotes, Docusign Inc. and Breezy. Interestingly enough, only eleven of the apps for Android that Box announced in its roll out have iOS integrations. Many of the apps Box rolled out with are new apps.

As a cloud-based service, Box already counts 11 million users spread out among 120,000 businesses. It has a Fortune 500 penetration rate of 82%. Judging from these numbers, this company is looking really good as a potential investment. It would be interesting on how it would play out whether it is an IPO or acquisition target. The former is looking quite unlikely after the Facebook post IPO drought that the market is experiencing. But things can change quickly in the future. But, in terms of cloud-base play, if you’re looking for a hot company in cloud-services sector, Box is looking like a great investment play. Indeed, it is backed up by some of the biggest names in the venture capital. It counts some of its investors, Emergence Capital Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, SAP Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. Quite a nice busy roster to have.