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Google’s Andy Rubin discloses 900K daily Activations for Android

The free mobile OS Android hits 900,000 daily activations

If you wanted to get a clear idea of who exactly is winning the marketing war for the king of the smartphone hill, you only need to look at the recent disclosure by Google’s Andy Rubin. In a tweet, Google’s Mobile senior vice president Andy Rubin said that Google Android clocks over 900,000 device activations per day. Think about that number. Let that sink in. We’re talking over 300 million activations per year Now, that is market domination. And there are a lot of markets to cover as tablets and smartphones continue to fly off the shelf, and global demand continues to rise. Rubin’s tweet must have gotten some senior strategists at Cupertino (Apple) and Redmond, Washington (Microsoft) grab an extra mug of black coffee. It’s definitely going to take a lot of late-night planning to counteract the heavy proliferation of Android all over the world. Of course, it is a free mobile OS and that surely helps ensure its popularity. Still, regardless of its low cost, it poses a major threat to Apple and Microsoft since it can gobble up the tablet and PC market respectively. Still, Apple crowed at its WWDC conference that it has sold a total of 365 million iOS devices so far. Not bad. But given the pace of Android’s adoption, Apple should be looking over their shoulders. What took them five years to achieve, Google can hit within one year-if present adoption rates persist or pick up.

Andy Rubin was forced to go on Twitter to combat rumors that the well-respected mobile strategist was leaving Google. He was responding to a Google+ post by influential blogger Robert Scoble claiming that he was leaving Google to work on the CloudCar, a cloud-based mobile-connected car technology startup. Rubin countered the rumor by saying that he won’t be leaving considering the huge amount of momentum Android has. Rubin also cleared up the misconception about his role in CloudCar. Far from being a principal, he is merely friends with Cloudcar’s founders and he gives them free office space at his Los Altos incubator.

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