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Converting the Elder Scrolls into an MMORPG is not as simple as it seems

The elder scrolls into an MMORPG model

“Why haven’t they turned this into an MMORPG?” Given the huge market reception to the release of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim last November, we are sure the question above has been asked quite a bit-whether to a friend watching you take out a dragon on your Xbox 360 or to buddies online as you dispatch a few digital nemesis in Tamriel. Well, it looks like many players’ shared question has been answered and the developer of The Elder Scrolls, Bethesda, is working on rolling out an MMORPG based on the lore and gameplay of The Elder Scrolls series.

Given the complexities involved in translating an awesome single player RPG game into an MMORPG might prove to be quite challenging, one is almost tempted to think that the transformation of The Elder Scrolls is one of those game ideas that looked good at first but is actually a bad idea. We are not prepared, at this point, to go that route. However, it is clear that Bethesda needs to leap over quite a few hurdles to bring the game world of Tamriel convincingly to the world of MMORPG. The first challenge Bethesda needs to address is that the game was originally designed for single player. This means its pace is deliberately slower than the fast-paced and shallower story requirements of multiplayer. Thankfully, the team handling the online version of The Elder Scrolls, ZeniMax Online Studios, is on the case and have put into place some enhancements that fix single player issues.

For example, it is implementing a skill-based reward system. Every time you whoop ass in the game, you will be given points. Keep in mind that this is not a killathon. Instead, your points depend on how skillful you were in dispatching your enemies. The focus is on strategic and method instead of speed and recklessness.