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Facebook Camera for iPhone App First Look Review

Facebook Camera for iPhone App

Share photos in a snap with new facebook app - Courtesy of Facebook

Interestingly enough, Facebook’s much-publicized purchase of mobile phone photo-sharing service Instagram took place even though the social networking company was already internally developing its own camera app for the iPhone. The app’s development was announced several weeks after the Instagram purchase. The independently-developed camera app has all the bells and whistles one would expect from a mobile camera app: shooting pictures, filtering, and batch uploads to your Facebook Timeline. Just like Instagram, the app’s main purpose is to let users share their photos as quickly as they shot them. In addition, Facebook wanted to raise the quality of photos shared on the social networking platform by supporting higher resolution cameras.

How does the App work?

After downloading Facebook Camera for iPhone, you open the Facebook Camera app, it will look for any FB accounts you have associated to your iPhone unit. Once you are inside the app, you will see an awesome new interface that looks very different from the FB for iPhone app. Not only does it look better, the interface works much faster too. The upper left side of the app is permanently reserved for your camera button. Around it are arrayed small photo squares which stand in for the most recent pictures on your Camera’s Roll. Under these pictures is a news feed you can use to check out the rest of the photos on your Roll. The great thing about this app is that you can tap checkmarks on each photo to select a maximum of 30 photos which you can then upload as a batch. To view a photo, you just need to tap it to view it in full screen. You can then rotate, tag, and crop it. You can even apply one of the fifteen available filters to your photo for that extra personalized look. To caption the photos you chose, you can click the “compose” icon on the lower right screen corner. It also lets you tag and post the photos.

The News Feed lets you side sideways to see many large-size pictures inside one news feed story. While this is a great feature for commenting, tagging or liking others’ photos, this app does not let you save others’ photos. If you click on a person’s profile, you are taken to a compact version of their profile. This mini-profile only shows photos they have ten recently. If you want to see their full profile, click the action arrow on the upper right side and you will be taken into the Facebook for iPhone app.

Facebook Camera’s impact

This app has quickly become the best way to get your photos on Facebook. It is more popular than apps like Batch. Its simplicity and wide range of operations, in addition to the crucial batch mode, makes it a winner. This does not mean there is no room for improvement. The app can use a video upload feature and a delete function for photos you took with the app. Overall, a great start for an app. If version 1.0 looks this good, one can only imagine how good version 2.0 will turn out to be.

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