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Diablo 3 fans go gaga over long-awaited release

Players all over the planet have waited 12 years for Diablo 3

Twelve years. That’s longer than many prison sentences and marriages. That is the duration of three American presidential terms. It is also how long many fantasy role playing game action adventure fans have been waiting for the third installment of the Diablo series. Diablo 2 dropped in 2000 and ever since it was one long wait and, in the case of an earlier cancellation, dashed hopes. Not anymore. On May 15, the gaming world witnessed the onslaught of game pre-order buyers and regular buyers storming the digital gates of Diablo 3′s servers as gamers the world over rejoiced at the game’s launch. The game’s developer, Blizzard, is launched in Irvine California and they decided to go the extra mile in celebrating the release of the long-awaited game. Over 1500 fans gathered at the Irvine Spectrum Center shopping center in a stage right under a Ferris Wheel.

The fans were joined by the development team who saw for themselves the excitement their work created. Festivities at the Irvine midnight launch included fans getting to see Blizzard artists sketching their favorite Diablo 3 characters. Attending fans were also treated to never-before-seen video footage of the game. There was a lot of trivia contests and, of course, lots of promotional giveaways and free Diablo 3-branded merchandising.

Why did Diablo 3 take so long to get off the ground? According to the game’s lead designer, Jay Wilson, the team was strictly focused on quality. As a result, the team had to some do overs and redos. He says opting for the redo route is pretty uncommon in game development. For example, if the team built a level and did not like it, they will throw it out instead of reconfiguring it or rehashing it.

What does Diablo 3 offer a finicky and notoriously easy to frustrate game populace? Let’s see, you can fight off hellish minions who come at you on all sides, you can engage in combat using a deeper system, you have five classes to choose from, you can engage in game item commerce through the real-money auction, and of course, you have a huge expansive battlefields.