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Simple Windows 8 system improves parental monitoring

No parental software, only windows 8.

Previous parental monitoring systems can be quite complicated-specially for adults who aren’t very technical-oriented. Hilarious as it may be, it would not be surprising to imagine a parent asking his kid to install a complicated parental monitoring system so he can supervise the kid’s computer activities.

If Microsoft is right, with Windows 8, parents will no longer be tempted to ask their kids to install software meant to monitor them. Parents only need to create user accounts for their kids and activate Windows 8′s Family Safety Feature. No additional configuration steps, no confusing installation wizards, and no pesky additional downloads.

Even the reporting system has been simplified: the system emails parents a weekly report which outlines their kids’ PC and online activities. No need for parents to interact with the control system just to get a report. The report is also quite simple and gets to the nitty gritty: what kind of sites the kids visited, what they searched for, what they downloaded from the Windows Store, what games and applications they use and how much time they spend on the PC. Parents can also set limits to these activities.

What makes this new simplified system even more powerful is if the parents and children use Windows Live IDs. Using these IDs, Microsoft can track the kids’ usage stats across other devices they log into. Additionally, Windows Live ID-based accounts also lets parents apply control settings across many machines.

With Windows 8, it looks like parents may finally catch up to their kids’ technical proficiency. It’s about time!