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Seagate Demonstrates new Solid State Drives at SCSI Conference

The logo at Seagate Headquarters

Seagate Showcase new SSD for 12Gb/s SAS standard at SCSI Conference

Hard drive manufacturer Seagate publicly demonstrated its solid-state drives using Attached SCSI 12Gb/s interface technology at the SCSI Trade Association Technology Showcase conference. Not to be outdone, Seagate’s rival Hitachi GST also showed off its solid-state drive technology with a demo of its SSD units with a SAS-12Gb/s interface. The Seagate SSD drive line with SAS 12GB/s will enter the market as the Pulsar.2. What does the new SAS standard bring to the table We’re talking speed and heavy-duty data throughput. The new standard doubles the data throughput performance of industry-standard hard drives. To achieve this throughput, industry standard drives just need to be equipped with the enhanced SAS interface The interface helps organizations store their data faster. Moreover, the SAS interface also enables speedier server solutions. While the new enhanced protocol boosts data speed, it does so without sacrificing serviceability, scalability, and rich data integrity. Moreover, the SAS interface also preserves the hot swappable protocol. Many enterprises depend on this feature set to ensure critical data is safe as well as keeping costly downtime to a minimum. The interface’s scalability ensures that storage infrastructures can easily keep pace with their systems’ growing demands for data storage.

Faster data throughput will enable hard drives and storage infrastructures to deliver even larger amounts of data more swiftly to processors and servers. This boosts the overall efficiency and performance of cloud-based services and other enterprise or application services at all levels of data storage. Although Seagate demonstrated the 12 Gb/s SAS Standard in connection with its solid-state drives, the standard also works with high-performance and high data capacity hard drives. This means that the 12 Gb/SAS standard can be seamlessly and quickly integrated with existing data storage infrastructures that employ the 6Gb/s SAS interface. The newer and faster SAS standard is backwards compatible with all the previous iterations of SAS speed. Additionally, Seagate’s implementation of the standard is 100 percent compatible with bus adapter and expander vendors, LSI and PMC-Sierra. The new standard is already stable and is expected to be completely finalized by year’s end. Expect products that are built on this new standard to enter the market in 2013. The devices will be generally available by the second half of 2013.