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Achieving Affiliate Marketing Success with the Right Mindset

Whether you are applying to college, law school or medical school or you are trying out a new business or you are working on a new job, regardless of what you do, your success depends on you having the right mindset. The right mindset encompasses more than just having the right attitude. Having the right mindset will not only allow you to do your job, but also to do it better and to take the right steps so you get promoted, you become an expert or become an authority It also gives you the necessary tools you need to turn a task into a job and a job into a career.

The Right Mindset Turns Any Work into a Profession

There is a big difference between just working and having a profession. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a lawyer, engineer, architect or doctor to be a professional. A professional is a person that does what they do based on higher standards. They consider it a calling. It is a systematic system of infusing what they do with a level of passion that you cannot find elsewhere. You can be a garbage disposal engineer and still be a professional. It is not exactly what you do, but it is how you do it and the mindset you have that transforms mere work into a calling or profession.

The Right Mindset Turns You Into a Professional Affiliate Marketer

This truth is extremely important when it comes to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has been around since the internet has been around. When the clickable link was invented, online marketing was invented. It has been around forever. However, the shape that it has taken has changed throughout the years. As the internet matures, so are the shape, form and methods of affiliate marketing. That is just part of its natural evolution. Still the core that enables success in affiliate marketing has not changed and that is the right mindset.

Reactive Mindset versus Proactive Mindset

A success mindset in affiliate marketing starts off with how your mind is oriented. Are you a reactive person or are you a proactive person? There is really no right or wrong orientation, but all people could be roughly divided into types of people: reactive people and proactive people.

The Reactive Mind

Reactive people only move, take an action, make a decision or commit if they are forced to. In essence, they are reacting to circumstances. They are what you would call an “outside driven” person, meaning circumstances outside their control, things that are outside their mind and body work on them and as a response, they take an action. They react to outside stimulus.

The Proactive Mind

The opposite of the reactive person is a proactive person. This person starts with internal ideas, internal values and internal map and from there acts on the world. A proactive person does not respond solely based on what exists, but makes things exist. This is a mover. This person is a shaker. This person is a world builder. Truth be told, there are very few proactive people, but a lot of successful people are proactive.

You can train your mind to be proactive

The good news is that even if you have a reactive mindset, which is most of the population, you can train yourself to become proactive. The first step in becoming more proactive is to disregard external signals. What other people think does not matter as much as what you think, what you want and what you consider things should be. Strength of character is needed here because it takes a lot of character to stand up against peer pressure, to stand against the herd mentality that demands conventional thinking. Proactive people throughout history have been the ones that made changes and that have brought change. They were not conformists. Think about Albert Einstein. Think about Steve Jobs or Gandhi or John Lennon. These are proactive people. They look at the world as they exist and they saw a different world, they saw a world that could be and worked towards that. You can do the same thing.

You can choose your reality: learn to avoid outside signals

If you are looking at your bank account and you would like to see more zeroes, if you are looking at your relationship and would like to see more happy memories, or you are looking at your school work and would like to see more A’s or top scores, you can rest on the fact that it is your choice whether you could succeed or not. That all boils down to how you deal with outside stimuli and that is why the first step of ignoring outside signals is important. Throughout our childhood, we were raised to always be mindful of outside and objective signals. For a good reason, if you do not jump out of the way because you see a runaway car barreling right at you, you will probably get hurt badly or die. There are obvious no-brainer common sense situations where we need to be reactive. However, when it comes to setting down our life’s goals and missions, hunkering down to do business and setting personal goals for one’s self, we need to take off our reactive cap and put on our proactive cap. The first step to this is not to pay as much attention to what other people think or outside signals.

Train yourself to be goal-focused

The second step is to focus on what your goals are. Ask yourself if you are going to die today, what would you do? What would you wish you have done? These are key mental exercises to help you zero in on goal settings because goal setting is the cornerstone of a successful mindset. It is definitely the cornerstone in achieving affiliate marketing success. If your only goal is to make a few dollars here and there and to simply make it to the next day, then you really do not have a goal. You have just short-term plans, but you do not have an overarching goal. Write down your goals. Think big. How much in sales would you like to be generating a month? How much in sales would you like to be generating a quarter? How much in sales would you like to be generating a year?

Think Big but stay within realistic bounds

Think big but also think within reality. I know this may seem a little bit difficult and contradictory, but think to the extreme of what is practical within your current situation and then aim for that. Once you have your goals, dissect them. What is the objective there? What victory are you trying to claim? For example, if your goal is to quit smoking, the real victory there is self-control. Write “I would like to have more self-control, I would like to manage my time better, and I would like to manage my thoughts better.” These are core values.

Position your goals as achieving certain personal core values

These are character values that you are trying to nurture and when you have written that down, this is when we go back to the reactive versus proactive paradigm. A proactive person lives out his values. He acts based on his values and not what is happening around him. When you look at your values, what your objectives are such as having more self-control, more patience or being more focused, always focus on those. When you are making a decision or setting a goal or working towards a goal, always read what your values are because a proactive person operates from values, not based on an outside push or outside circumstances.

From Intellectual Realization to Self-realization: The Value of Repitition

It takes a while for this to sink in from an intellectual realization to an actual heartfelt real situation. The good news is it is already real if you read these words. That is the first step of reality, receiving the truth. The next step is to intellectually grasp it and the step after that is to absorb it within your being. You can do this effectively by repeating your value words to yourself such as “I need more self-control or I am working towards more self-control.” Slowly but surely that reactive part of your brain will slow down and the proactive will take over. The proactive side once again is the one who turns ideas into reality. The reactive side just follows the directions and just responds.

Let your Proactive Brain take you to Affiliate Marketing Success

Put the proactive part of your brain to work. How does this relate to affiliate marketing? If you have set affiliate marketing goals and you have set both the end objective, the methods to get there, and the breakdown of those methods into daily lists, daily goals and daily objectives, having a proactive mindset allows you to hit those daily objectives more efficiently. A reactive mindset would just focus on what feels good. Remember that when you are doing affiliate marketing, you are not going to sell everyday. You are not always going to close that sale. You can go days or even weeks or months without a sale. This breaks many people and they resort back to reactive thinking because they freak out. They feel that nothing is going to happen, they are doomed and they are going to fail. They think of all the worst case scenarios in the world.

Proactive People Manage their Expectations and Act Accordingly

A proactive person, however, looks at the values and looks at the end objectives and realizes that they have to go through some tough times as part of the growing process. Somebody playing baseball does not expect to hit a home run the first time they are at bat. Somebody playing basketball does not expect to successfully shoot the ball to score the first time they make a shot. This is a fact of life. Failures are there to prepare us for success. We need to fail because they teach us. Few people learn from success. Failure is the greatest teacher and having a proactive mindset and focusing on one’s core values while they are going through the learning phase is the best preparation for having a winning mindset in affiliate marketing.

Commitment: The C Word

There are many C words that are hated in the English language and commitment is probably one of them. In this day and age with high divorce rates, people quitting and finding new employment at rapid rates, people changing their majors in school, people just changing the channels on TV, commitment is getting harder and harder to find.

Success requires commitment

The truth is commitment is the cement and foundation block of long lasting success in whatever you do. Whether you are cleaning up garbage or starting a business or teaching or going to school or digging a ditch, commitment will see you through. You need commitment to be able to rise to where you need to go. Most people find commitment hard to swallow because they feel that they are giving up on opportunities.

Commitment gets you past the start phase

The other reason why people fear commitment is they are just afraid to start. Like in anything, whether it is jogging in the morning or running on the treadmill or exercising so you could lose weight, getting started is the hardest part. Why? Inertia. Things at rest or things at a certain place tend to remain in place. They will put up a resistance if you try to move them. This is true with Newtonian physics and it is true with people. People are addicted to their comfort zones. If you commit to doing something, you have to commit to getting started. Set a firm date. This is a key mindset in succeeding in affiliate marketing. You have to set firm dates when you will start something and commit to it.

Commit to start by a certain date and execute

Decide that you will do it and stick to it. Getting started once again is hard because you are used to not doing that thing. The good news is the same way inertia works against you, inertia could work for you. How? Bodies that are in motion tend to remain in motion. For example, if you stand in front of a car and the car hits you, you are going to fly off because that car even if the driver slams on the break, it tends to remain in motion. Chances are if you are close enough, you will get hit. This is the same way with marketing tasks. Once you start your tasks in affiliate marketing and you already get going, you get the hang of it, then the inertia will work in your favor and it will be harder for you to stop. In that situation, inertia is a good thing. The key here is to get started. Once you get started, it will harder to stop and that is good news.

Keep on Keeping On

In this world of instant results, we would like to see plants immediately sprout once we put the seed into the ground. Some people do not even want to water the ground and they expect the seed to sprout immediately. If you put food on a pan, you want it to be warm immediately. It sounds ridiculous, right? These are absurd ideas. Unfortunately, that is how people think. Why? Because in our modern age, convenience is king and the number one enabler of that mentality has been the internet. If you submit a form, it gets through the person who is supposed to get it immediately. If you want to buy something online and it is a digital product like an E-book or a piece of software, you just enter your credit card information and you click download. Instant gratification. We could learn a lot from our grandparents that had to wait several weeks to get mail from overseas or had to go long distances to get water or generally had to do things the hard way.

Valuing Convenience does not prepare us for the trials ahead

The problem with a very convenience driven economy and society is that we become impatient and that really harms us if we are going to engage in an activity like affiliate marketing, starting a business, starting a career or even starting a marriage or a new relationship. It takes patience. These arrangements, these activities, these undertakings do not revolve around convenience. They all revolve around commitment and that is where you have to keep on keeping on. Once you get started on something, whether it is affiliate marketing or building websites for your online business, you have to keep on doing what you are doing. You cannot quit when there are no immediate results. That is just as absurd and as ridiculous as a farmer giving up his farm because sugarcane did not sprout up when he planted the sugarcane cuttings.

Pay attention to the clues Failure throws your way

If there are no results, this is the world’s clue to you that you have to keep fine tuning. Maybe you are doing something wrong. Maybe you are reading your statistics or your traffic stats improperly. Get under the hood of your affiliate marketing business and see what maybe what you should be doing. Look at the things that maybe you should be doing. Look for alternatives. Look for different explanations. The important part is that you keep fine tuning, that you become proactive and really take an active hand in your business. You cannot just sit back and expect money to roll in. It does not work that way.

Learn what works and what does not

In the beginning when you are learning the business and when you are learning how to do things, results do not come easily. They have to be hard one, but the great news is you are being blessed with an opportunity to learn. When results are not happening, you are learning techniques that do not work. You move on and try another thing and another thing until you find a technique that works and then you keep tweaking that until you reach optimal results and then you diversify. That is how it works.

Visualize yourself into a Solution

You should visualize when things do not pan out. Look at yourself on a road and this road does not lead anywhere. When we see that visually, we then look for another road and walk towards there. It is hard to visualize when you are just sitting in front of your computer looking at your affiliate stats at Clickbank or CJ and not seeing any action. It maybe that you are looking at your stats at Google Analytics or Stat Counter and you are seeing zero traffic. Do not just sit there. Something is wrong, something is broken or something is not being done right. Get off your butt, look under the hood and keep tweaking and you will eventually see results. When you see results, do not stop there. Keep on keeping on. Keep pushing and do not stop.

How to Profit From Failure

Failure, like we have said before, is just the world’s way of teaching you that what you are doing now is not working. It does not mean that you should not be pursuing the goals you should be pursuing. It does not mean you are a bad person. It does not mean you are dumb. What it means is what you are doing is not working out. What you should do is you should use each and every failure as a teaching tool to teach you what you need to get ahead.

Do not take failed attempts personally

The first way to learn from failure is to get the mindset that “my failure is not personal to me.” If you lost money, if the promotion tactic that you tried did not pan out, or if the business deal that you pursued did not close, it does not mean that you are a bad person. It does not mean that there is something wrong with you. It does not mean that you are beneath other people. Many people who continue to fail do so because they personalize their failures. They identify so closely with what did not work that it is keeping them from getting back up and to keep on keeping on. You profit from failure by using it as a teacher. Alternative A did not work, try alternative B. If alternative B did not work, you try alternative C and so on and so forth.

Using Failure As A Teaching Tool Produces Key Benefits

You are winning on two levels. One, you are learning the valuable lesson of how to keep on keeping on. Believe it or not, most people that you are competing against fail. Most people that try affiliate marketing fail. That is the truth. You can use that truth to your favor. How do you avoid failure? You avoid failure when you keep on keeping on, when you commit to pursuing your goals and not let illusions of convenience or easy profits or quick deals kill your spirit or give you false hopes. The key here is you are teaching yourself to be tough to handle failure. It can be jarring at first. It could be disappointing or even depressing. Who enjoys looking at a bank account that has zero money? Who enjoys watching the bills pile up? You have to keep in mind that when you are going through tough times, you are being toughened up. You have to choose to be tough. You have to choose to be resilient and to be strong. You can do that by having the right mindset of “Yes, I accept that things are not working out but I will keep on keeping on” and that what makes you tough.

Failure Pushes you to be Creative

The second part is failure pushes you to look at alternatives. Albert Einstein once said Insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time. If what you are doing is not yielding the results that you want, then get under the hood once again of your business and tweak it. You have to look at affiliate marketing as a business. You have to look at it as a profession. It is not a hobby. It is not something that you devote two hours of your day to. It is the thing that will put money on the table. It is the activity and the calling that will put you ahead. Treat it accordingly. Failure is a signal that you should be switching gears, checking other things, fine tuning or checking out alternatives and then going from there. It is not a signal to stop. It is not a signal to give up. It is not a signal to hate yourself. It is not a signal to blame other people. It is a signal that things are not working out with what you are doing. It is a signal for you to put on your proactive hat and your thinking cap and analyze what you are doing, look for alternatives and try that. Keep on keeping on.


Learn to like what you do not normally like. Similar to our discussion regarding commitment and keep on keeping on, discipline is all about dealing with unpleasant things because discipline is all about having self-control. We can say you have to keep on keeping on all we want, but really it all boils down to keeping yourself from quitting. Human nature is all about taking pleasure over pain, and taking the easy way over the hard way. If you are going to involve yourself in a serious business like affiliate marketing, you have to quickly discover the joys of discipline.

Discipline is its own reward

Discipline works from a completely different mindset than convenience. Convenience rewards you when things become easy. Convenience is all about getting things and experiencing things immediately. Discipline, on the other hand, rewards you over the long haul. It rewards you with pain. The key difference is that you expect it to be painful, that you expect things to be hard, and that you expect things not to be easy and convenient. Once you have changed your mindset regarding expectations, then discipline kicks in. Discipline would give you the self-control to keep on keeping on, to learn from failures, and to be proactive. It is certainly the glue that keeps things together and the best way to gain discipline is to start.

Above all else, focus on building discipline

Normally discipline is not the first thing that you would get whenever you do something. The first week, the first two weeks or the first months are usually an ordeal, but once you are going and you are building up momentum, discipline slowly picks up and slowly builds up, but the great thing about discipline is once it becomes ingrained in your character where you will become guilty if you stop doing the things that you are disciplined to do, it is hard to lose. Look at discipline as a gem stone that you are polishing. It takes a while to polish, but once you get it just right, it is a brightness that would fill your being and give you a bright light even in the middle of the darkness. When things look bleak, but you have the bright light of discipline shining in your heart, you can see your way through to success. The great thing about discipline is it has no illusions. It is all about expecting difficulties and overcoming them.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line with achieving the right mindset for affiliate marketing success is to achieve the level of discipline that does not require outside validation to keep on going. Visionaries and world changers did not become who they are because they listened to what other people say or they looked at a pole. If they did, they probably would not have ended up doing what they achieved. You have to listen to the still small voice in your heart and work from your values. Great realities and great creations all start from a dream. They all start from a vision. They all start from within. Having the right mindset for success is all about listening to that force within you, by being proactive instead of reactive, by committing, by focusing on discipline and building discipline, by keeping on and by learning from failure. You assemble the mindset that will take you where you need to go. Nobody can do it for you, only you can. It all starts with one word: yes. Yes means a choice. Choose the right vision for your life and the right mindset and commit to it. You would be surprised where it would take you.

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