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HP recoups top PC sales spot as whole market spurts 21 percent

That didn’t last long. Yes, that’s right, the long-awaited fantasy of many Apple fan boys, seeing the House that the Steves built climbing on the top perch of the global computer market. Apple did get to the top perch if you counted the iPad as a PC. But now, even with the iPad-padded numbers of Apple’s computer sales, HP still managed to outclass its Cupertino rival. HP, the Palo Alto tech powerhouse, shipped 15.8 million PC units in 2012′s first quarter. It barely got by Apple’s lead by shipping 40,000 more units. However, if you wanted to be a purist about the term “pc” and take off 11.8 million iPads from Apple’s numbers, it would not have even been a contest between the two tech giants. As for other vendors, Lenovo, Acer, and Dell make up the rest of the top five. The good news is that the totla market for PCs shot up a healthy 21 percent year over year for the same period. Still, there is a lot of reason to be apprehensive about the future of PC sales. At least, PC sales won’t be as high as this year.

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Why the pessimism? The rising percentage of PC sales due to tablets. Tablets are driving the market not PCs. This is one damper to PC sales growth. The other is the very real possibility of a double-dip recession. In terms of overall market share, according to the most recent Garnter and IDC rankings, HP is top dog with an 18 percent market share. The biggest change comes with the smaller vendors. Lenovo shot past Dell to grab the second-place PC spot with a 13.7 percent market share. This figure represents a nice 36.1 percent jump from its third-quarter performance in 2010. Dell’s slice of the global PC pie shrunk somewhat to 12.6 percent during the past fiscal year. On a global scale, PC sales went up by 3.6 percent compared to the third quarter of 2010. This growth rate is well below many analysts’ expectations. The rise of tablets and, again, the threat of a double-dip recession cut in on PC sales growth.

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