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Facebook Messenger app for iPad in the works

Facebook’s messenger app caused a lot of waves in the iPhone app community. What’s not to like about its one-to-one communications messaging, group chat functionality, push notices, mapping out friend locations, and other nifty functions? Facebook is now bringing the app to the iPad. The only difference is that it will be a larger version. Basically, it will be the same app. There is also a key improvement-the app will be lighter and easier to use and more convenient than friend messaging through the Facebook for iPad app. Users of this app are quite familiar with its sometimes unreliable and resource heavy feel. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on when the iPad app will be released or even if the project has passed Facebook’s internal-only processes. Regardless, sources say that the app is actively being worked on with frequent builds being tried out.

If the communication app above wasn’t cool enough, Facebook is also reported working on updating its iPhone app by integrating Skype video support. This is extremely exciting since many iPhone users are already using Skype. Seeing it integrated into Facebook will produce a win win situation. The consumer wins by getting to access the popular video chat software directly from within Facebook’s iPhone interface and Facebook wins by not “losing” users who have to close the Facebook app so they can open Skype. Apparently, the new iPhone app will probably drop before Facebook releases its Messenger for Android app. The Android app will have the same new functionality. These apps are on track for release sometime in the summer. These apps are currently being tested on Facebook’s internal test servers. According to lucky tech bloggers who had a peek at Facebook Messenger for iPhone’s video chat, the app’s performance was generally smooth. This isn’t the final development for the Facebook iPad and iPhone apps, the company is planning to turn them into a single universal application on a binary model. Exciting times are up ahead for Facebook mobile device users.