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New details about HP Slate Tablet Surfaces

If all the buzz about Windows 8 has you pining for a tablet, but you are worried that it might not be able to handle all the hefty desktop applications you’ve been using, it appears HP has you covered-if rumors pan out. The upcoming HP Slate 8′s details have surfaced recently, and it reveals a sleek package with a lot of power under the hood. Keep in mind that the tablet’s details are still rumors and the following are not confirmed by HP. Still, the details do look tantalizing.

According to the details that accompanied an alleged rendering of the product featured in Neowin, the Slate 8 will supposedly be an x86-derived unit with a display measuring 10.1 inches. The unit’s battery will last 8 to 10 hours. Another interesting feature is that the unit will have a frame that measures only .36 inches in thickness. That makes the unit slightly thinner than the newest Apple iPad.

According to Neowin’s sources, the Slate 8 will be running Windows 8 Professional. This comes as a bit of a surprise since many observers thought that tablets will mostly be running the ARM-centered Windows RT. If this rumor pans out, this means that the Slate 8 will be able to run beefy applications that require a lot of processing muscle-in other words, it will be able to load and run regular desktop software in addition to apps for Windows 8′s Metro. Apparently, this tablet’s beefy processor and OS configuration supports its positioning as a tablet for business purposes. Still, its long battery life and sleek design might appeal to regular consumers as well.

While the 8 to 10-hour battery life claim may raise a lot of eyebrows regarding the authenticity of this rumored tablet’s specs, analysts claim that this battery life range squares up with Intel’s promised range for its upcoming Clover Trail Atom Processor. Maybe this is the processor that will power the Slate 8?