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30% Discount on Raxco Software Products

For another 9 days get 30% Off when purchasing Raxco software products with Coupon Code LETITRAIN30 (Expires April 30, 2012)

Raxco PerfectRegistry automatically backs up your registry before cleaning and optimizing it for peak performance, allowing you to restore your registry to a prior system restore point in order to avoid data loss.

Box of Raxco PerfectUpdater

30% off Raxco PerfectUpdater with Coupon LETITRAIN30

Raxco PerfectUpdater updates your PC computer with the latest drivers and checks for new when they come available. This ensures your computer performs at peak performance by installing genuine device drivers from original manufacturers.

This offer works for most Raxco products and are not just limited to PerfectRegistry and PerfectUpdater and valid until 30th April 2012. If you ever thought about purchasing any Raxco products this is a good time.

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