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Around 1 in 20 facebook accounts may be fake

There are between 42.25 million to 50.70 million fake or duplicate Facebook accounts. According to Facebook’s updated IPO filing made available recently, the numbers above amount to 5 to 6 percent of its current membership base of 845 million active monthly users.

Although Facebook is aggressively banning at a minimum of 20,000 accounts every day, these bans are for underage children who create accounts, not fake or duplicate profiles. Facebook made this revelation since it impacts their monthly average user and daily average user figures.

The company said that while they do take efforts to crack down and discourage such accounts, fake and duplicate accounts do persist. Facebook went on to say in its updated IPO filing-related document that the 5 to 6% estimate is based on its internal review. The internal review is based on a limited statistical sample. They determined fakes through manual review to detect fake names. The manual review also took into consideration other user behaviors that indicated an inauthentic nature. Due to these review limitations, Facebook said that its 5 to 6% estimate might not accurately represent the full number of fake or duplicate accounts in their network. The true number might actually be higher or lower.

In addition to the fake and duplicate account number rate, there might also possibly be statistical inaccuracies when it comes to measuring the mobile device signals from its daily 483 million users. Some mobile apps might be contacting the facebook server for updates but this does not necessarily mean the user of that app is active. In essence, it may be a housekeeping or data update feature which might be mistaken for actual user activity. The 483 million daily active user figure must take this reality into consideration. Facebook estimates that about 5% of that figure is due to app activity and not necessarily actual human activity.