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Search while socializing with conversation at Google+

Trying to catch up on the leading social network site seems to have its advantages. There’s really at a lot of truth when they say being an also-run makes you work harder. The tweaks on Google+ just keep on coming.

What Google has not achieved yet in social networking, it has long ago achieved in search engines as the world’s undisputed leader. With Google+ riding on this search engine leadership, recent tweaks in the Google world now lets you strike up a conversation with your friends when making a search in Google+.

Searching for a topic on Google opens a dialogue box that prompts you to “join the discussion” give users of the social network upstart the facility to converse with their friends directly from a search result on a topic being searched about. Once you decide to join in, your comment appears right in your Google+ feed which other people can see, respond do and spark a debate or discussion. Along with your regularly posts, our comments can be shared across the whole Google+ universe or limited to specific groups. You comment also appears in Google+ search results should other people start searching about the same topic. For instance, if you make a Google+ search about Blackberry and you comment about it in a discussion group, your comment can be picked up to start a conversation thread about the topic.

In addition to the discussion feature on the Google+ search, the giant search engine has also introduced a couple more tweaks to apps in the Google+ mobile world. From your smartphone, you simply tap on the “What’s Hot” link to get the latest Google+ posts judges by the site as most interesting. For instance, a top on it will display the recent current hot topic about the contentious Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA. You can also views of people’s names who had clicked “+1” on certain posts to see who did that.

Google has disclosed these new features will also be available on the Android and Google+ iOS apps. Google fans will be quick to notice that since opening up its Facebook competition, Google has been enhancing its upstart Facebook challengers to be a robust and fully-features high value social networking service that may yet overtake the leader.


  • Dailytrickster

    Maybe I’m the only one but I dislike this intrusion every time I go to search for something. No, I do not want to share every single thing I do with the world!

  • anthony

    wonderful addition to Google thanks for more informative knowledge.

  • CityGirl

    I’m of the opinion that Google does too much with your personal stuff. Before long they’ll be posting my grocery purchases, my coupon use, the number of cigarettes I smoke a day and how often I go to the bathroom. This is so not what this country needs.

  • CityGirl

    I, too, am one of those people who doesn’t like to advertise to the world and everyone in it — past, present and future — what I do with the minutes in my day. Companies like Google and other social networks have brought Big Brother to our living rooms.