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Fresh Apps for the iPhone this Holiday Week

As we enter the last week of the year just after the Christmas weekend, you may want to try out some fresh iPhone apps you can download online to wait out the remaining moments of year. Here are some of the most popular app downloads for the iPhone going into the New Year:

Animoog for iPhone ($0.99)

Coming after its iPad version, the Animoog for the iPhone is now available at the iTunes App Store to transform your smartphone into one cool musical synthesizer. If you’re an amateur music composer who wants to get a quick realization of your musical ideas before you forget them, the app turns your iPhone’s touchscreen into a Moog synthesizer touchscreen interface that allows you to create dynamic soundscapes with just a few elements to manipulate so you get to hear the music in your mind. Animoog offers extensive control points that you expect from a professional synthesizer. It also provides multi-track recording capability to allow you have one recording overlaid with a live or previous recordings. Composers and music aficionados will find Animoog easy to fall in love with.

Law & Order: Legacies (iPhone, iPad) $2.99

From Telltale Games that brought you Back to the Future: The Game and Hector: Bridge of Carnage, this point-and-click role playing adventure game is an interactive spinoff of the popular Law and Order TV series. Legacies puts you in the middle of a Law & Order plotline as a character in the investigative and prosecution modes, complete with narratives, investigative action and courtroom drama typical of what the show offers. The app features two episodes in a seven part series. An in-app purchase allows you to get the rest with one part made available each month.

Onion Magic Answer Ball (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

This app will transform your iPhone into a magical 8-ball future-foretelling gadget. Just like the real magic 8-ball, the Onion provides answers after you shake the iPhone when asking questions. The answers you get can either be satirical or humorous. On top of this, Onion Magic Answer Ball offers pre-loaded questions it can ask itself with some hilarious answers. You can even share these questions and answers online with your Facebook friends.


  • Clint200

    The eight-ball iPhone App sounds like a winner. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve played with an eight-ball fortune teller in my younger days. I’m telling my age here. How cool is it that we can now teach this game to kids without having to lug around a heavy black ball that, when dropped, is apt to crack?