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Social Web Browser RockMelt pushes further come 2012

The social web browser RockMelt launches its 5 beta version which aims to provide profound functionality while keeping it accessible at the same time.

Eric Vishria, CEO and co-founder of the browser mentions that RockMelt “should push further ahead” and the team will be working on this through creating major features which will be enticing for everyone. According to Vishria, their team is moving toward an Apple-like design which is where the future of browser space lies.

The social web browser is continuously growing with weekly active users exceeding multiple hundred thousand and with 1.4 million registered users since its release six months ago.

The year 2012 will be a head-to-head competition between Chrome and RockMelt as other browsers decline. Vishria explains that there are three key areas that RockMelt is betting on in order to boost the shift towards the social browser. Identity, Communication, and Content and Apps will be the browser’s edge over the competition.

RockMelt revolutionizes its identity by personalizing the home page. Most visited site and pictures of friends are among the changes employed in the latest version. Aside from this, it also banks on enhancing the communication experience in the browser with a better “type-ahead people search” feature. This makes chatting, messaging, wall posting or other means of staying in touch with friends much easier. Moreover, RockMelt is also depending on improved content and apps by partnering with various third-party content providers that will present the consumption experience into a faster pace.

The browser’s user base is highly adaptive and young, having 60% under 25 years old. Vishria shares that when building a browser focused for the next generation then it would be good to know that the target audience is actually using it. Accordingly, RockMelt’s young user base best utilizes its special features and also invites their friends to use the browser the most. On average, the browser is installed on 1.3 machines per user who utilizes it seven hours a day.

About RockMelt

The social web browser features an integrated platform with Facebook and Twitter. It also has “Edges”, a section that offers the user with feeds that have update badges as well as friends who are online. Its search navigation field is also revolutionary with results showing in style of drop down overtop web pages.