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VidCaster Offers Freemium Customized Video Websites

The online video platform, VidCaster offers users with a free plan that enables its video SEO and site making features to be YouTube friendly. Through this startup users can develop their very own branded destination websites easily. The feature is aiming at making the online video publishing process profitable and more convenient for VidCaster users. From enterprise clients to small businesses or plain personal users, anyone can take advantage of the site’s offering in order to maximize video optimization from YouTube.

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VidCaster Now Offers Your Own Video Website For Free

The video giant YouTube provides millions of users the access to free video hosting and distribution. Professionals to amateur videographers are benefiting from this through their individual YouTube channels where they store their entire video portfolio. VidCaster’s proposition is to let YouTubers have the option of making their own independent video sites that will host their videos for free as well. The site’s free plan syncs with the user’s YouTube channel automatically. Therefore, videos from either a user’s VidCaster or YouTube account will instantly pop up once uploaded.

VidCaster was able to secure funding after joining the summer batch of 500 Startups. Kieran Farr, CEO and co-founder of the online video platform mentioned that the encouragement of releasing a freemium model and to focus on metrics came from Dave McClure and company.

Originally, the site launched with paid plans that were coined VidCaster Gold and VidCaster Silver which cost $99 and $39 per month respectively. These plans provided users with high bandwidth and storage levels among others. Vidcaster now offers users with a free Youtube plan following the freemium model. It can be noted that the startup started out in reverse with its paid-turned-free plan compared to majority of the startups.

Farr mentioned that the approach to monetization through an accessible and open platform is the right path for the company. VidCaster offers most of its features for free and once users choose to extend the customization features of the site to a higher level that is when they can opt to avail of the paid plans. Clients such as Twilio, Airbnb and Zendesk are enjoying this new approach.

The CEO also added that the startup wants to provide video makers the opportunity to focus more on the creative part of the video making process by lessening the stress and worry regarding workflow logistics and other technicalities.

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