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Tumblr reacts on growing spam dilemma

The spam dilemma is taking a toll on blogging platform Tumblr as regular users notice the growing problem and ensure to let Tumblr know about the concern. One of them is the high-profile user of the site, Melody Kramer.

Kramer who is NPR’s Fresh Air associate producer keeps a blog for the program using the Tumblr platform. In early October she posted a message addressed to the spammers in the network and which apparently took Tumblr’s attention. The site acknowledged that it is aware of the problem and is working the best it can to swiftly address the issue by suspending such blogs and preventing them from being created.

Spam blogs have recently increased on Tumblr and this issue was highlighted when Sven Dublic a Croatian blogger, made a post about his concern about having a number of Tumblr users who are spam bots. Various sites have sparked discussions from Dublic’s concern.

Tumbler confirmed that it is well aware of the issue and is working on it. The site has not yet presented the issue on its blog to keep the public abreast on the progress of its resolution regarding the matter but it did publicly address Kramer’s concern.
In a message to Kramer, Tumblr mentioned that it is looking for the spam blogs and are suspending them. It advised Kramer to block any blogs that may be of concern to her. It mentioned that she can utilize the in order to prevent such blogs to see her posts on the Dashboard.

However, the issue about having spammers liking multiple posts in a user’s blog in order to sneak in links to their sites is not that simple of a concern for Kramer and other Tumblr users. This tactic of utilizing the liking system of the blogging interface in order to have backlinks to the spammers’ sites is basically a similar variation to the trackback tactic used by spammers in the earlier days of blogging.

A bigger concern however is not just about infiltrating the liking system but also having fake Tumblr accounts that have links to malicious pieces of malware. An example was provided by shortformblog who uncovered links in suspected Tumblr profile source code that led to a flash file download.