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Facebook Updates Mobile App Developer Page

The new Facebook mobile application developer page is up-to-date this week with a full explanation of how the company’s synchronized mobile platform will function with its applications for iPad, iPhone, web and soon-to-come Android.

After a couple of quiet weeks, Facebook is back with not just the simple three-step tutorial that it provided during smartphone app downloads but with a more comprehensive “developer fact sheet” that includes supplementary information regarding the inspiration behind the changes implemented on the new page.

The main focus of the updated Facebook experience is to let application developers be satisfied and contented with the company’s platform. Included in an update released on Wednesday (October 12) is a change on the iOS apps as well as the web apps that currently already feature more prominent icons for Notifications, Messages and Friends.

In the light of a developer’s perspective, Facebook points out that “Notifications” will already allow users to follow links to various web apps or iOS apps once these users’ friends send them invites. The users can then access the applications by simply clicking the links in their News Feed. The information presented in the developer fact sheet also gives hints regarding Timeline. Most likely, this feature will also be available for mobile platform soon.

Facebook wants developers to “feel warm and cozy” that is why one crucial move it made was to integrate the “Bookmarks” in the mobile cross-platform. The Bookmarks allows users to navigate into applications within Facebook mobile. This is greatly beneficial for developers who want to increase the “virality” of their apps.

The set up is all too convenient with Bookmarks because it provides more visibility and thus provides more chances for user enticement and download. Analysts predict that the company will be able to produce sufficient amount of application downloads that will lead it to charge affiliate fees. However, the company has declined commenting on the matter stating that its policy prevents the discussion of such details.

Looking into other features that may not necessarily be advantageous to the developer’s point of view is the provision that prevents developers from using Facebook Credits on their web apps or iOS native apps. But then this is toned down considering the fact that Apple and Facebook both take a 30% cut.

For those who are guessing that Facebook will link the two, the current situation shows that Facebook iOS app only allows working with correlated iOS apps while the Facebook Web app is also limited to showing corresponding HTML5 apps. So far, Facebook has not commented on including iOS and HTML5 to work across platforms.

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  • Freddie

    I really don’t think people need more ways to connect with Facebook. I think that’s why it’s losing popularity to LinkedIn-too much ridiculous, boring updates drives people away.