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Symantec releases tablets first data loss prevention solution

Symantec Corporation, a security and systems management solution provider announces its newest product, the “Data Loss Prevention for Tablet solution”. Accordingly, this is the very first comprehensive data loss prevention solution intended for protecting tablet computers’ sensitive data.

The issue of keeping a secure environment for mobile devices has been the driving force behind the company’s creation of this innovative security option. Symantec revealed that in a survey of 3,300 worldwide respondents regarding the state of online security, 47% believe that the growth of mobile computing posts a threat to the level of security users have online.

Symantec also reported that cybercrime has grown to cost the global economy of $338 billion in financial losses annually. Online scams have become so rampant that over 69% of U.S. online users have become victims of cybercrimes.

Another issue is the growing number of such crimes on mobile devices. With the developing of NFC technology that makes use of mobile devices as mobile wallets, security has become a more pressing issue as ever. Among the most common cybercrimes are credit card fraud and hacking of social networks.

With these problems at hand, the company’s new product aims to protect and monitor the sensitive data on tablet computers. This data loss prevention (DLP) system is designed for web communications, both personal and corporate emails, plus other basic applications in tablet computers. The heart of this product’s concept is security with work efficiency. Integrated security measures with the Data Loss Prevention for Tablet solution include the encryption solution that ranges from server and email options to a full disk encryption and removable storage solution.

The issue on the ever-growing threat of malware networks and its tactics against current anti-virus software is present as new rounds of attacks emerge. That is why Symantec stresses on the importance of its new DLP solution. The presence of this new product provides users a safer working environment fit for the demands of their work.

This software will be available for Apple’s iPad early next year to be followed by Android support. As of the moment, a PGP Viewer for iOS is readily available at the Apple App Store for download.

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