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IBM buys Q1 Labs

IBM is announcing that the company has acquired Q1 Labs, a network security intelligence software provider based in Waltham, Massachusetts. This new venture will join IBM’s new security systems division to be headed by Q1 Labs CEO Brendan Hannigan. The company has not disclosed the amount of the deal.

This new security division will create a comprehensive security portfolio, combining Rational and Information Management security software, Tivoli, lab services and offerings and appliances. IBM’s newly created division looks into targeting the $94 billion opportunity in the area of security services and software.

Hannigan relayed in an interview that Q1 Labs’ addition to IBM will provide greater intelligence to IBM’s portfolio and thus be fundamental in keeping IBM distinguishable from its competitors

IBM reveals that buying Q1 Labs is aimed to providing its clients with better security intelligence. Through the application of analytics that are connected with security domains and developing security dashboards, IBM assures its customers more security.

Among the company’s goals with this acquisition are providing database security, enterprise risk management, network security, identity and access management, intrusion prevention, application security and endpoint management.

IBM clients are now provided with Q1 Labs’ cloud-based service that is part of the company’s event management and security information offering. A unified roadmap, better integrated products and an increased time-to-value on investments for creating security systems are among the benefits that clients will gain from this acquisition. Q1 Labs is one of IBM’s more than ten security acquisitions over the decade.

For a company that has been almost 50 years in the security business, IBM holds 3,000 security patents and monitors 12 billion security events everyday all over 130 countries. It also has had 25 analytical-related purchases which includes the recent “i2” firm.

About Q1 Labs

Is a network security intelligence company that has 1,800 clients serving multiple industries, among these are healthcare institutions; publicly traded companies; utility, manufacturing and transportation companies; retail organizations; financial institutions; and government agencies.

The Q1 Labs has had partnerships with companies like Nortel, McAfee, Juniper Networks and Enterasys among others. Q1 Labs provides software that analyzes and collects information from various sources like applications, mobile endpoints and user activity then automatically detects actions that have suspicious behavior and diverge from prescribed policies in order to prevent security breaches.

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