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Adobe launches apps for touch

Adobe embraces the touch-based technology through its announcement on the release of six new applications this week.

The company launched its creative applications series exclusively for tablets dubbed as The Adobe Touch Apps. This series consists of Adobe Photoshop Touch, Adobe Proto, Adobe Debut, Adobe Ideas, Adobe Kuler and Adobe Collage.

According to Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s chief technology officer, the Touch is “coming back to physical interaction” that characterizes the gigantic leap from the abstract methods of creating work through the keyboard functions and mouse clicks. He emphasized how people were used to pencils or paint brushes before the introduction of computers and how their creative means were forced to adjust to the functions available during the “mice and keyboards era” after the emergence of computers. With the Touch, human-computer interaction comes to a new chapter as digital content can now be created with more convenience as we go back to the use of natural strokes done by hand.

Lynch pointed out that this bold move in reshaping the creative tools is a first since the last 20 years. That is why the creation of digital media through physical interaction is a “big empowering thing” for everyone.

Among the six applications in the Touch series, Adobe Photoshop Touch plays a vital role in demonstrating what Lynch is trying to explain. The features inherent to the Photoshop software is present in this app plus redesigned tools interface for a more spacious work palette. Additional features for this Touch app is the three-dimensional image viewing capacity. This particular feature is helpful with working on multi-layered images.

Another application in the series is the Adobe Proto that is most likely to gain a wide range of audiences for its prototype-developing capacity for websites and web-based mobile applications. This is especially attractive to web developers who can conveniently create wireframes that are convertible to various formats such as JavaScript code, CSS, and HTML.

Adobe Debut is a medium for Creative Suite designs while vector-based artworks is ideal for Adobe Ideas. On the other hand, a virtual color book is the way to describe Adobe Kuler while Adobe Collage focuses on the creation of moodboards where users can incorporate drawings, text and images that is helpful for presentations

Lynch reveals that these apps will be available come November for Android tablets.

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