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Hybrid Cloud Management Hosting Launched by ScaleXtreme

Companies with as many as 400 servers and virtual machines running internally and on public clouds can benefit from a centrally hosted management tool from ScaleXtreme, Inc., a leading cloud-based software management company. The hosted service starts this Tuesday.

A limited version has been offered by the Palo Alto based ScaleXtreme for some time now. But on Tuesday, the service officially gets launched as a complete commercial product that includes a premium services and a free version.

According to co-founder and CEO Nand Mulchandani, getting hosted in the cloud provides a level of virtualization platform and geographic independence that allow a company to take machines from various cloud service providers like Rackspace and Amazon and bring them all into a single plane. In addition, users can tie their internal clouds together under the same ScaleXtreme management console.

Getting started is easy. IT administrators need to install in each virtual machine an agent that can be managed in the ScaleXtreme console. Users of Amazon and Rackspace clouds can launch new machines automatically from the ScaleXtreme tool. And for internal machines not yet supported by ScaleXtreme, the administrator needs to upload to them a downloaded agent using an auto installer.

Since the agent runs on each virtual machine, firewalls or ports do not need to be opened in each virtual machine, thereby reducing security risks. As soon as all machines have been linked into the ScaleXtreme tool, IT administrators can browse in real time onto any of these machines, copy/paste files between clouds and deploy scripts on multiple virtual machines and clouds running in different cloud providers in different locations. No need for VPN connections.

On Tuesday, the free version called ScaleXtreme Xpress becomes available. The functionalities are confined to one log-in account and limited to one cloud provider but the user can manage as many servers as he needs to. Users can upgrade this to the full version ScaleXtreme Xpert which costs $15 per server per month, supports multiple administrator log ins, and all features like batch management based on parameters such as type of OS or geographic location, among others.

The company is targeting enterprises with 50-400 servers who are not about to get a similar tool from IBM or CA which it sees are over-configured and expensive for this market. The hosted service pits ScaleXtreme against RightScale which has already deployed hundreds of thousands of its management service for internal and external clouds.

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