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More Privacy Control Finally Arrives to Facebook Users

The social networking leader Facebook today announces some changes to the site that will allow users to know the online audience who can see what they post and block unwanted photos and items tagged by others in their profile page.

In addition, the company is instituting semantic modifications that it hopes can reduce, if not eliminate, confusion for novice Facebook users such as replacing the word “everyone” to “public.” People generally think that setting their profile to share to “everyone” means everyone on Facebook when it actually means everyone online.

For so long, Facebook users have been complaining that they can’t always tell who can see what they post. On the otherhand, its competitor Google+ has reaped praises for overcoming such privacy pitfalls by simply allowing its users to filter who they share content with. The Facebook changes are evidently a response to this feature advantage of what is now a threat to its dominance. Of course, Facebook will deny it.

Facebook’s manager for product communication Meredith Chin discloses that the company has been working with these changes for the past several months and its wants to ensure that every time users post anything on Facebook, they know who can see it at “at their fingertips.”

The added Facebook features include controls that lets users choose which audience type can see the content you posted. These types are classified as “public,” “friends” or “custom.” The clickable options are accessible right next to the item posted. And when you wish to recall what audience can see what item you posted, you can simply click on a drop-down menu icon on the upper right side of the posted item without having to go through your privacy settings page. In addition, there is now a button to the top of your profile page that allows you to see how the page looks to others. Another change is letting user remove content tags, sending a notice to the photo owner or tagger to request a take down.

The changes are expected to start appearing on the site in the coming days and Facebook users will be prompted with an option to tour the new features once they become available.

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