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Apple App Store Hits Record Downloads as Sales Surge

Users of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad tablets are downloading record numbers of apps and spending more for each. Apple announced today it has registered over 15 billion applications downloaded from its App Store.

The Cupertino computer company, through Phil Schiller, Vice President for worldwide marketing, issued an appreciative statement thanking its developers “who have filled [the App Store] with over 425,000 of the coolest apps and to our over 200 million iOS users for surpassing 15 billion downloads.”

The growth of the online store has been nothing but phenomenal. From its first day of operation, the App Store hit 1 billion in downloads in just 9 months. By June 2010, it reached 5 billion downloads. And in just 6 months ending January this year, Apple saw downloads hitting a record 10 billion. It is no surprise the company celebrated this awesome record with a $10,000 gift card applicable for purchases on the App Store to the lucky person who downloaded the 10 billionth app.

App developers have cashed in from the downloads, collectively earning in excess of $2.5 billion since the App Store pioneered the app store phenomenon in July 2008, as revealed by Apple. Other mobile gadget owners followed suit. But with a total of 15 billion downloads, it maintains a comfortable commanding lead in the mobile markets. Google’s Android Market can only boast of 4.5 billion app downloads. But at a rate of 1 billion downloads every 60 days according to Google, its Android Market could be catching up soon.

CNN money, quoting from analyst Gene Munster, reports that iOS gadget owners will be downloading a total of 82 apps this year, compared with 51 in 2010, a 61% increase. But more significantly for the company and its developers, users are projected to spend $1.44 per app on average. That’s a 14% increase in revenues from last year.

Apple’s edge remains to be the sheer volume of apps it makes available in the App Store. That’s 425,000 apps compared to Google’s 200,000. But Munster points out that 82% of all downloads are free. The increase in revenues is largely coming from the more expensive apps available for Apple’s tablet leader, iPad.

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