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Diskeeper 2011: Because a Fragmented PC is a Fast PC

Another product that has been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show held every January in Las Vegas is the 2011 edition of the Diskeeper software.  The product made available at the CES was actually just a demo unit, but the manufacturers have already given the show’s patrons a quick but satisfying taste of how their product will perform.  Diskeeper is a product that aims to fully defragment your hard drive.  The 2011 edition goes a step further by not only clearing up fragmentation but also prevents it.  The previous release of the software, Diskeeper 2010, has the two features already – IntelliWrite and Instant Defrag, but with limitations.  In the 2010 version, when IntelliWrite stops defragmenting, the Instant Defrag does not get activated immediately.

For the 2011 version, as soon as the IntelliWrite stops fragmentation at 85 percent, the Instant Defrag feature will automatically finish defragmenting the remaining fragments.  With this feature, the company points out that Instant Defrag ensures the continued consistency and reliability of system performance, as the system will not wait for fragmentation to come in.  This complete fragmentation feature is specifically beneficial for systems that need optimal performance all the time, like if you have a computer running games that require optimal speed all the time. The formal launch of the Diskeeper 2011 is set within the first three months of 2011.

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