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Kaspersky Open Space Security Suites For Networks and Servers

Kaspersky Open Space Security

The Kaspersky Open Space Security is an Internet security suite that is used to protect corporate computer networks. This suite is manufactured by Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of content management solutions. The Kaspersky Open Space Security is a suite that is designed to provide protection to network structures of different sizes, from basic to the more complex. Today, many people’s work environment is not only limited to their workstation in the office building. With more employees becoming more mobile because of the prevalence of the work-at-home concept, security has to be mobile as well. The Kaspersky Open Space Security takes this into account, providing not only protection for the company network within the office area, but also extending that protection to all branches of the network, regardless of the platform, the type of device, or the location.

Installation and usability of Kaspersky Open Space Security

One advantage of getting Kaspersky Open Space Security is that it is relatively easy to install. The installation of this kit is easy to do, as it is guided by various wizards and clear explanations to help the user understand the available features and wide variety of options. Once the installation is done, the update wizard then gets the definitions updated easily and quickly.

A drawback in using this suite is that it can be quite tricky to try doing work inside the management console itself. The navigation on the console tends to be confusing as well. Nevertheless, this suite is very flexible and can be used across a network that has different platforms. Although a bit tricky to use, this product definitely gets the job done when it comes to efficient management of any kind of malware threat.

Reasons to get Kaspersky Open Space Security

Kaspersky Open Space Security provides protection from all kinds of Internet threats, including viruses, spams, spyware, and hacker attacks. It also uses proactive technologies that are backed by various traditional signature-based protection systems. Even laptops will get protection, whether they are at home or in the office, or on the move. There will also be protection provided to guest computers. What’s more is that attacks from hackers will be countered through the use of anti-rootkit technology. Users are not only protected from identity theft, but this will also benefit from the Internet security suite’s self-defense against malware attacks. In case any malicious software has done some changes, these can be reversed by the Kaspersky Open Space Security suite.

The efficient performance of this product is enhanced by centralized administration. This suite is also compatible with third party solutions and is capable of using network resources in an efficient way. The technical support provided by this suite is exceptional, while product’s pricing is very reasonable, considering all the features provided by this suite. The overall price depends on how many computers will have to be protected, plus the price of the administration kit. With all the protection provided by the Kaspersky Open Space Security suite, users will surely find this product to be of good value for their money.

Open Space Security Suites

Work Space Security is the first level package which contains software to protect Workstations and Smartphones. The second level called Business Space Security has an added protection for File Servers beside workstations and smartphones. Bigger companies and organisations with a more advanced infrastructure might need added support for mail servers and should look at Enterprise Space Security. A 4th and the most complete security solution called Total Space Security provides a single solution to protect against the most advanced security threats.