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Innovative Software to Make TV Ads More Effective and Focused

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. made an announcement that one of its products has acquired new features.  The company’s Interactive Marketing Solution 3.0 software, also known as IMS, can now be embedded into Set Top Boxes, or STBs, which are utilized by cable and satellite TV companies.  With the IMS embedded into STBs, coupons and other communications can now be given to consumers right in their own homes.

The IMS technology of iSIGN can be installed within STB platforms that support satellite, cable, and IPTV.  They can be used for advertisements, product info, vouchers, and other promo items to be delivered to customers, which will be in sync with the advertisements they are viewing. Users will then be able to take out content from what they are watching on their phone. By doing this, TV advertisements will become measurable and accountable in real-time for the use of advertisers and their agencies.

The IMS in action

Alex Romanov, iSIGN’s Chief Executive Officer, proudly announced that with the IMS, his company will be the only one capable of delivering messages in both the digital-out-of-home and in-house markets.  IMS can also capture consumer responses and data in any language, for analytical use anywhere in the world.  He explained that with the combination of their patent pending software and back-end system, ads being shown on the TV can be synchronized with the messaging being shown in iSIGN’s software.  This will then allow analytical information to be ready just minutes after the commercial ran. TV stations would then have the option of updating messages being sent by iSIGN’s software so that ad campaigns will be more targeted and effective.

Effectiveness and future exposure

iSIGN also claimed that during their out-of-home pilot tests, their technology has the lowest cost per confirmed and received message.  This means that TV stations, advertisers, and ad agencies can minimize advertising costs and, at the same time, make sure that the people they send their ads to really take note and pay attention.  iSIGN’s next move would be to introduce this exclusive and low cost product to broadcasters and ad agencies before the year ends.  Other presentations the company will be participating in to showcase their product are the Customer Engagement Technology World trade show in New York City and the AOpen America exhibit.

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