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Google TV Not as Bad as Some Think It Is

Google TV, the hybrid service that aims to incorporate Web and channel-surfing functions based on the Android operating system, may have undergone through rough patches for the past weeks.  The program, accessible through the Chrome Web browser of Google, has received less than shiny reviews.  A lot of testers have proclaimed that the product contains too many bugs, looks unpolished, and is even inaccessible from a number of websites.

Why Google TV is not as bad as some have said

A report from the San Francisco Chronicle may be the silver lining to Google TV’s cloud though.  Its headline, which stated that Google TV is “troubled and shunted off to YouTube,” for it to die a natural death, is cited as the main cause of the ruckus surrounding the application.  It seems that TV industry leaders are threatened by Google TV.  To make it clear, the Chronicle article claimed that major TV networks displayed negative reactions to Google TV.

Thoughts of Piracy

This would mean that the big three TV networks – ABC, CBS and NBC are going to block programming on their websites from Google TV.  The concern of the networks is that the service may not protect their programming enough from the evils of piracy.

However, a spokesperson for Google has explained that there is no connection between the big three TV giants blocking Google TV users from gaining access to their full-length web shows and the shift of Google TV to YouTube.  The move has been on since September 17.

This move of Google TV to YouTube already happened way before, even before the service was introduced on Logitech Revue, Blu-Ray players and Sony Internet TVs, which only happened two weeks ago.

Google TV + YouTube = many possibilities

What Google wants people to think now is that the YouTube – Google TV tie-up is not a banishment, or downgrade for Google TV.  The company wants to show that it is actually giving YouTube the credibility to be a true broadcast medium that has both amateur and professional content.  It just so happens that the reorganization of YouTube includes the establishment of a group that focuses on partnerships with content creators.

As for the product, the fact that Google TV is tied to the fastest search engine in the world could only help it. YouTube searching has never been faster.  Moreover, as Google TV is still in Beta, it is projected that it will only get better in time.

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