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Windows 8 to Be Available in Two Years?

After quite a successful launch of Microsoft 7, it seems that the market is highly anticipating the release of Windows 8.  Microsoft is working on it, speculators are assured, but company insiders are quick to point out that the all-new version of the Windows operating system will be taking quite a while to finish.  Reports are pointing out that it may take Windows 8 until 2012, the earliest, to come out.

A Dutch blog that talks all about Microsoft products claims that while Microsoft is “on course” for the next version of Windows, this version will be another two years in the making before it sees the light in the market.  The relatively “new” Windows 7 has already celebrated the first anniversary of its release this October.  With the occasion also came the report that new computers from original equipment manufacturers will not be supplied with the Windows XP software anymore.

Windows 8, so far

So far, very few new features have been leaked about the next generation operating system of Microsoft.  There’s the system recovery feature that has been made simpler, the universal application store, and the portability of the user account.  These services may be novel as of the moment, but with the alleged 2-year waiting time, they may be all too familiar or common once Windows 8 comes out.  This practice of Microsoft may be seen as regressive compared to Apple, which releases updates as soon as possible, only adding improvements along the way, which keep customers hanging on to the product.

Analysts may see these long gaps between OS releases by Microsoft as the one causing problems for Microsoft.  Microsoft, because it updates less often, is considered unattractive by people who often want the latest and most updated systems, which is why Apple is gaining momentum with individual users.  Microsoft maintains its stand as being more preferred in places that accept longer intervals of updates, like educational institutions.

So far, so good (for Windows 7)

On the other hand, consumers with Windows 7 systems have expressed contentment with the OS.  Licenses of Windows 7 are reaching close to 250 million for its first year.  Unlike Windows Vista, which had a lot of customers complain about its slow speed, Windows 7 may have redeemed Microsoft’s reputation.  Hence, it may be logical that the new update for Windows 7 won’t really need to be rushed.

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