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Oracle Sues Google for Patent and Copyright Infringement

Following the uphill climb of Google’s Android over the iPhone, Google found itself in the middle of yet another controversial move by Oracle Corp.  Oracle is claiming that the development of Android, Google’s most popular mobile operating system, was a case for patent and copyright infringement.  The law suit was filed in a federal court in California. Karen Tillman, the spokeswoman of Oracle, said that the suit was filed on the basis of intellectual property rights violation.  Google was accused of “knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringing Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property.”  To this, Tillman claims that Oracle is seeking appropriate actions.

Why the lawsuit?

Analysts claim that the Android operating system, which is used on more than 200,000 smartphone units and other devices sold every day, actually used a part of the Java technology, which is the property of Oracle after it acquired the Sun Microsystems this year for $5.6 billion.  Apparently, the lawsuit filed against Google is a clear indication of Oracle’s efforts to require licenses for the use of Java, a programming language that is currently used in many of today’s web-based products and technologies.

According to Larry Ellison, Chief Executive of Oracle, Java is one of the key products of their company, as the software is used not only in Internet-based applications but also in different electronic devices such as smartphones, PCs, and DVD players.  Having said that, they want to protect their asset.  But Edward Reines, Weil Gotshall’s IP litigator, sheds some light on the most recent lawsuit and said that the corporate views of Sun when it comes to implement patents for Java is obviously different from that of Oracle.

At first, Google refused to release any statement on the lawsuit,  known as Oracle of America Inc v Google Inc.  But now that the company was able to gather its thoughts on the issue and review the case filed against them, they are saying that the Android operating system didn’t actually use Java and violated the patent and copyright law.  Instead, Google is claiming that the Android actually used Dalvik, a technology that is compatible with Java.  With this, Google claims that the lawsuit is “baseless.”

What analysts have to say about Oracle vs. Google’s Android

It looks like Microsoft can gain some edge with the lawsuit filed against Google’s Android.  According to some analysts, this can be the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to advance against its competitors and take advantage of the situation as the Android is now under litigation and the Oracle seems to threaten the open source community.

Whatever the results of the on-going litigation will be, the suit filed by Oracle will surely affect Google one way or another.  And Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, which dropped to 5% of the market share, can benefit from this.  Now that the Oracle is hailed as the villain in the open source community, Microsoft can also rise above the situation.

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